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How To Get Thicker & Greener Grass For A Lush Lawn

The lawn is the first thing a person sees when laying eyes on your property. Depending upon how much tender, loving care you give yours, it can make a houseguest say, “Wow” in one of two tones. The first is

DIY Lawn Care Tips For Beginners

Lawn care is a point of pride for homeowners. The yard is the first thing people see when they lay eyes on your property, and getting compliments is a reward that comes with serious bragging rights. This is especially true

10 Tips to Keep Pets Safe at Home

Nobody knows the amount of love your furry companion gives you on a day-to-day basis. Their unrelenting support is a feeling that is hard to describe, but you know they are always there to comfort you on the bad days

10 Practical Uses for Pressure Washers

Having a pressure washer handy makes you feel like you can accomplish a lot in little time. The resourceful tool doesn’t discriminate given its functionality with multiple surfaces like brick, siding, concrete, and even wood. Additionally, your pressure washer is

Understanding the Differences Between Countertop Surfaces

Shopping for brand-new kitchen countertops can feel like an overwhelming experience. This is especially true if you’ve never done anything like this before because, let’s face it – How often does a person shop for countertops if you aren’t a

Prepping for Winter with Ceramic Pro-Guard

When the Starks in Game of Thrones said, “Winter is coming,” people were left to interpret that motto in a couple of different ways. The most obvious is to take it as a word of warning. After all, colder temperatures

5 Steps to Extend Patio Season

How to enjoy your outdoor living space well into autumn & winter You might have already traded your t-shirt and shorts for something a little warmer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your outdoor patio. Instead of sheltering

Your Daily House Cleaning Checklist

How TriNova covers all the essentials to make everyday housekeeping a breeze Housekeeping. The word alone is enough to trigger repressed memories from childhood chores. Alternatively, you can be the type of person that gets joy out of sweeping the

TriNova Pet Stain & Odor Remover: What You Need to Know

Every pet owner has experienced that feeling of pure joy when returning home after some time away. No matter how long or short it might have been, it always seems like too much to be apart from your beloved one.

TriNova Granite Sealer: What You Need to Know

There are so many reasons to invest in natural stone for your home. Whether it’s placing limestone tiles for a new bathroom floor or installing a granite countertop in the kitchen, the material elevates the room’s overall look. But before

TriNova Daily Granite Cleaner: What You Need to Know

A premium stone surface can elevate the look and feel of your home. For example, kitchens are one of the most commonly renovated rooms across the country. Updating an outdated kitchen countertop for one made of stone will make an

TriNova Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner: What You Need to Know

There is no shortage of cleaning agents on the market that do an excellent job blasting away dirt and grime. The only problem is that the majority of these products contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to children and

Hand Sanitizer: How To Find A Trustworthy Option

Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves as first responders, health professionals, and consumers look to protect themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. The colossal demand has pushed hundreds of companies to start making their own batches to help buoy supply.

Pets and Deicing – What’s Safe for Your Furry Friends?

In places around the world, the winter season can be tough on you and your animals – and for obvious reasons. Colder temps and slick roadways make for disasters in waiting. Disaster lurks right outside your door, too. Slippery steps

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

Ah, the joys of home-ownership! From lower monthly costs to potential tax benefits, owning a home opens the door to a new beginning. However, new tasks and responsibilities, come along with this fresh start. Some people find that they simply

Holiday Stain Guide

Thanksgiving is a time for family togetherness and delicious food. Sadly, the day after Thanksgiving can be a time for fighting set-in stains. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t worry about all those aunts and uncles trudging

Black Friday Deals for Home Owners

Everybody who participates in shopping on Black Friday like to do their research on the best Black Friday deals to compare prices, see what is available and plan their strategy on how they are going to shop with multiple stores

Why Cleaning Your Home is Important

One of the most important elements of owning a home, keeping your home clean can sometimes be quite a tedious task. Nevertheless, keeping your home clean will provide you with an array of benefits that can positively impact your home.

5 Things That Ruin Leather (and 3 Things That Fix it)

The allure of leather cannot be denied–it’s durable, long-lasting, stylish, and easy to care for. Leather furniture in your home sets a tone for sophistication, and leather upholstery in your automobile looks almost regal. But while leather will last much

Leather Conditioner: How to Make Your Leather Last Longer

When properly cared for, leather can last for a very long time–decades, even. An extremely durable material, leather outlasts a wide variety of other materials, but it needs a little help along the way in the form of conditioning and

Guide to Lawnmower Carburetors

Keeping your lawn mower in top shape doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, with some basic tools, you can do most of the maintenance yourself. One of the most common causes of poor performance is your carburetor. This is

How to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops, offering durability and beautiful, natural rock patterns that are timeless in their appeal. But if you’re going to install this type of countertop in your home, you need to

Wood Cleaner Guide with Wood Cleaning Tips

As a furniture material and a type of floor, wood is both popular and timeless. Wood floors are beautiful, durable and can be refinished to extend their life expectancy in a home, while high-quality wood furniture can be fashioned in

Best Green Cleaning Products for Eco Friendly Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning messes in your home and in life, you want products that will get the job done. But as concerns grow regarding the impact cleaning products have on indoor health, pet health, and the outdoors, there

Lawn Mower Carburetor: When and How to Clean

Few pieces of home maintenance equipment work as hard as your lawnmower. Despite its rough-and-tumble life, though, many lawnmowers don’t get the care and attention they need. This is especially true when it comes to the lawnmower’s carburetor. Your lawnmower’s

Don’t Make These Common Lawn Care Mistakes

As the warmer weather arrives, trees and plants begin to blossom, and the birds sing daily, thoughts quickly turn to lawn care and gardening. Soon, the sounds of the birds are drowned out by the loud engines of lawnmowers as

10 Amazing Camping Spots in the US

Spring and summer are great times to go camping with your family or friends, as most areas are thawing out from winter and the flowers are in full bloom. But where should you go this year? If you’re not sure

Caring for Your Outdoor Fabrics

Your backyard is meant to be lived in! Unfortunately, this may lead to a variety of stains on backyard fabrics. Spilled red wine, greasy food residue from the last BBQ and berry stains are just a few examples. Then, there’s

How to Use 303 Mold & Mildew Cleaner+Blocker

When you own a boat, preventing mold and mildew stains is a nonstop battle, thanks to the moisture that constantly plagues your watercraft. That’s why you should always keep a bottle of 303 Mold & Mildew Cleaner+Blocker on hand to

Garage Door Repairs: Fix Your Garage Door

Although it may seem like something better left to the professionals, fixing your garage door is often a task you can handle yourself. Indeed, although there may be times in which the damage is too extensive or dangerous to repair

How to Clean Windows: Professional Cleaning Tips

Cleaning windows may be one of the things you dread most, but the results can instantly make your home brighter and more inviting. You may hesitate to begin the job because you are not sure how to clean windows so

2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke – Which Is Better and What’s the Difference?

Throughout the history of automotive and engine design, there have been two main combustion types that are powered by gasoline — the 2-cycle (or 2-stroke) and the 4-cycle (or 4-stroke). While you may have heard of these terms, they may

Winter Grass Care

As the weather grows cooler, it’s tempting to shift your focus to inside pursuits. Before you start that hibernation, however, it’s important to take care of your lawn. That swath of grass needs care even when it’s hidden under frost

Your Garage Supply Checklist

What is a kitchen? The answer that springs to mind is probably “the room where you make food.” But no kitchen is complete if food is all it contains. You also need a wide array of tools to clean, measure,

Best Mold Removal Products

If you suspect there’s mold in your home or boat, you need to work quickly to identify and remove it. That’s because mold can lead to health problems that could range from constant coughing and stuffy nose to serious lung

What Can You Clean with 303 4-in-1 Metal Polish?

No matter what your preferred style is when it comes to home décor, you likely have lots of metal around the house—and it’s probably not as gleaming as you’d like. The same goes for your car, as every vehicle has

Top 5 Household Uses for Microfiber Towels

If you’re looking for a cloth that can clean just about everything in your home—and car!—go with microfiber. What’s so great about this material? First, there are so many tiny nooks and crannies within microfiber cloths that they easily trap

Wintertime Fruit Tree Pruning

Although it may seem counterintuitive, winter is the prime season for pruning trees, particularly fruit-bearing ones. Once trees drop their last leaf, they enter a seasonal state of dormancy and are thus much more capable of handling the stresses associated

Winter Home and Yard Maintenance Tips

Winter means colder weather and less time outdoors. Regardless of whether you live where winters are mild or harsh, there are specific kinds of maintenance that must be done to protect your home, yard, and landscaping as well as your

Winterizing Your Home

Nights are getting colder all across the continent. Soon, the deciduous trees and shrubs in your neighborhood will start to change color, and before you know it, snow will be flying. Some of us look forward to colder weather because

The Art of Shearing Hedges

Want your yard to look like the front lawn of a royal palace? Pick up a set of power shears and take your yard from overgrown to beautiful in a matter of hours. Use this quick study guide to familiarize

Tree Pruning Essentials

An easy way to save money this season is to tackle some of your own yard maintenance projects. Trees and shrubs in particular can incur some pretty hefty costs. If hiring a certified arborist or landscaping contractor is out of

Winterize Your Grill

Uncovering and firing up your grill is often the strongest indicator of summer’s arrival. Conversely, cleaning, covering and storing your grill is often the strongest indicator of the onset of the colder months. Despite their durability, grills are susceptible to

Fall Home and Yard Maintenance Tips

At the start of every season, you need to make maintenance a priority. You want to protect your investments, save yourself time and money, and extend the life of your equipment and property. Making sure you properly store your equipment

The Art of Fall Lawn Care – Leaf Rakes

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who don’t have an overabundance of deciduous (leaf-bearing) trees in your yard, the fall season signals some new additions to your chore list. Chief among them is the laborious task of raking and

Fall Cleaning Tips for the Home

The changing of the seasons typically brings not only different weather, but also a few lifestyle modifications. Maybe you were relaxed and rarely in a hurry in the summer, and now that fall is here, you’re always rushing to get

Using a Chainsaw Safely

Homeowners routinely overlook the dollar value associated with their property’s shrubs and trees. A well-maintained tree or hedge can add thousands of dollars to your property’s value and can save you almost as much in maintenance fees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t

Mosquito-Proofing Your Yard

Nothing is less pleasant than a yard full of flesh-eating mosquitoes. Depending on where you live, the impact that mosquitoes have on your quality of outdoor living can range from moderately annoying to outright dangerous. Aside from giving an annoying

The Best Sheds and Outdoor Storage for Outdoor Power Equipment

It takes a lot of high-quality outdoor power equipment to maintain your property year round. Whether you have a chainsaw, lawnmower, snowblower, leaf blower or other equipment, these are all investments worth protecting. And that means keeping them safely stored

Choosing the Right Backyard Plants to Attract Birds

For the ardent bird lover, having a well-manicured and bird-friendly backyard is of the utmost importance. By adding the right kind of shrubs and plants, bird watchers can enjoy their favorite pastime in the comfort of their own yard without

Prepare Your Fall Equipment for Use

If your goal is to keep your yard looking its best year round, you probably own a few pieces of equipment that can help you with this task. Some are especially useful in the fall, when the temperature drops and

Prepare Your Patio for Fall

While the weather in the winter and summer can vary quite a bit depending on where you are, fall is pretty much universally beautiful. That’s why so many people get excited at the prospect of sitting on the patio enjoying

4 Steps to Proper Chainsaw Maintenance

Your chainsaw may seem like one of your toughest tools, but it does require some TLC from time to time if you want to keep it in working order. Fortunately, chainsaw maintenance is rather straightforward, so you can spend more

Organizing your Kids’ Workspace

It’s time for the kids to go back to school, which has some pros and cons. Sure, your house may be quieter than usual during the day…but once homework time hits, you’ll be finding pencils, pink erasers, and papers scattered

How to Care for Your Riding Mower

When you have a big yard full of lush grass, you need an efficient way to keep it well manicured year round. That’s where your riding mower comes into play. It’s the perfect equipment for cutting your grass without using

What Oil Should You Use for Your Lawnmower

Proper maintenance of your lawnmower will improve its performance and help to extend its overall life. One of the most important aspects of lawnmower care is to ensure that you always have the right amount of oil in your lawnmower.

How to Care for Wicker Furniture and Rugs

Wicker is one of the most popular types of furniture to put outside, since it’s durable enough to withstand the outdoors and still look nice. However, if you want your wicker furniture and rugs to last as long as possible,

Top 10 Flowers to Plant to Help the Bees/Butterflies

For Spring Wild lilac: These flowering shrubs are easy to grow and come in seven colors. Bees and butterflies love their sweet fragrance. Calendula: Also known as pot marigold, this flower has a long history of helping others out. Humans

Why is My Cat Peeing in the House and How Can I Stop Them?

A question many cat owners have at some point is, “Why is my cat peeing outside the litterbox?” Unfortunately, there are several possible answers to this question, and it may take some time to figure out the right one. Once

When to Refinish, Repair or Replace Granite Countertops

Your granite countertops have been the centerpiece of your kitchen for years, but lately they have looked dull and scratched, even after you have cleaned and polished them. In that case, you need to take more drastic action to restore

5 Lawn & Garden Trends You Need to Know About

Many of us spend as much time as possible outside during warm weather. As a result, it’s important that lawns, gardens and patios are both comfortable and attractive. The following are five lawn and garden trends you should know about.

6 Tips for a Great Looking Lawn

Having an attractive lawn and garden will not only add value to your home but will make it more enjoyable. There are several simple steps you can take that will help you achieve a great looking lawn. 1. Reduce Thatch

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Few things are more enjoyable than lounging in your pool on a hot summer day. Knowing exactly how to clean a pool, however, can be confusing. There are several steps you should take when getting your pool ready for summer.

How to Polish Granite Countertops

When guests enter your kitchen, they probably compliment you on your granite countertops, as well they should. Your granite counters are beautiful, durable, and expensive, but like most countertops, they can show some wear and tear. Having them installed was

Granite & Stone Countertops: A Buying Guide

The kitchen remains one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only does your family gather there, potential buyers are attracted to or repelled by it. Your kitchen countertops play a big role in that room’s appeal. When

Mold Vs. Mildew: What’s the Difference?

It’s easy for people to mix up mold with mildew, considering both are fungi known to thrive in warm areas that have a lot of moisture. But there are some differences between the two that people should know before trying

Why Does Mildew Grow on Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a popular addition to the exterior of homes because it’s known for being durable and affordable. But there is a downside to this material, and it’s that mold and mildew tend to grow on vinyl siding. Whether

How to Prevent Rust

Rust is the dreaded reddish-brown discoloration that frequently shows up on certain types of metal — such as iron and steel — after it’s been exposed to water. Not only is this issue unsightly, but it can also cause the

What Is Rust?

Rust is a common issue that most people know they would like to avoid, but they don’t know much beyond that. So, what is rust? Learning the answer to this question is a good start to the process of preventing

Lawn Care 101: Prepping Your Yard for Spring

Spring is technically here, but things may still be a bit cool and gray throughout March and sometimes into April. While you are waiting for the full effect of the sunshine and warm temps to arrive, you can take the

How to Maintain & Fix Lawn Equipment

In the midst of winter, one thing keeps you going: the thought of warm weather. With spring comes the growth of all things green. While you are waiting for winter to end, spend some time getting your lawn equipment ready

When to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

20+ years without sanding Visible scratches and nicks Dull finish isn’t revived with polishing Uneven coloring Even the best floors eventually need some serious work. If your home has hardwood floors, they should stand up well for a long time

Are Hardwood Floors Waterproof?

No, they will incur damage if a pipe bursts or if the home is flooded. Most floors will stand up just fine to spills or water tracked in from outside as long as the water is dried up quickly. Hardwood

A Guide to Hardwood Floor Finishes

What hardwood floor finish is best? Finish Type Main Pros Main Cons Wax Low Cost, DIY application Time Consuming, High maintenance Polyurethane Highly Durable, Cost-effective Odor, potential discoloration Acid-Cured Sealer Great looks, extreme durability High Cost, long curing time Penetrating

Top 5 Repair & Storage Snowblower Maintenance Tips

In the cold, harsh months of winter, your snowblower can be your best friend. Gone are the days of breaking your back lifting a heavy shovel of snow – now you can depend on your gas-powered buddy to help clear

Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Every Skill Level

You want the kitchen in your home to be an inviting place, even if you and the family usually just huddle together around the microwave. If you enjoy cooking, then the kitchen becomes even more important. In addition to having

What is Microfiber?

We hear about microfiber towels all the time, but few of us actually know what the heck microfiber is. Because we include premium microfiber towels with several of our products, we’ve assembled this brief introduction to microfiber so that you

How Do Stain Guards Work?

We’ve all seen those cool videos where someone sprays a fabric guard onto a shirt and then proceeds to pour mustard and wine and nuclear waste onto it without any resulting stain. The question is, how are they doing it?

How to Clean a Glass Cooktop

Flat top stoves add a sleek and modern element to any kitchen, as long as they’re clean and shining like mirrors. If you happen to use them frequently, you know that keeping them clean can sometimes be a challenge. Read

How Do Pet Stain Removers Work?

If you’ve been a pet parent long, you’ve likely heard about bio-enzymatic or ‘enzyme’ cleaning products. But unless you have a background in Biochemistry the ‘how’ behind the ‘what’ probably remains a mystery. No one wants to use a product

What Hardwood Floors are Most Durable?

Hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home, but as with any natural product, there are questions about durability. Durability is hard to pin down because it can mean different things to different people. Is a floor more

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Steps to Care for your Leather Furniture Step 1: Vacuum Step 2: Spray Leather Cleaner Step 3: Wipe Clean Step 4: Apply Leather Conditioner Step 5: Wipe Dry First off – if you’re not sure whether your furniture is truly

How to Clean and Polish Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, aka ‘where fingerprints have their vacation homes’ is striking and modern – but when it’s smudged it can be an eyesore. Let us give you a quick and simple primer on maintaining stainless steel. Best product to use

How to Make Granite Shine

If your granite is looking a little dull, there could be a number of things going on. Here are a few things that happen to your granite that you can and cannot fix: You can fix it ✔ Soap Scum If

What Type of Leather is Best?

When it comes to leather there are more options than you might have imagined, which can be confusing when trying to decide what to purchase. The leather industry doesn’t do any favors in this regard, obscuring the types and amounts

How to Clean a Keurig Machine

Unless you’re brewing with distilled water, your Keurig machine will develop lime scale and calcium deposits over time. These deposits are non-toxic, but they can impact machine performance and the taste of your coffee. The only true way to break

Why Does Leather Peel?

Leather traditionally means luxury. It ought to be durable, and the patina of well-loved leather adds to its attractiveness. Unfortunately, not all leather is created equal. Your leather sofa, car seats, or shoes might not be aging as well as

Cleaning a Grill, Just in Time for Summer!

You can get your grill barbeque ready in less than 10 minutes! Follow these tips and tricks to make the most out of prime grilling season: Make sure the grill is off and the propane is unplugged (if charcoal, make

Generator Maintenance

It’s wise to have a generator ready to function during a power outage, especially if you live in an area where bad weather is prevalent. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, ice storms, and snowstorms are just some of the events that can cause

Getting Your Patio Furniture Ready for Spring

The arrival of spring is a sign that you need to get your patio furniture out and start enjoying the outdoors again. However, you will need to get your furniture ready for regular use before you can put it out

How to Maintain Water Resistant Fabric with 303® Fabric Guard

Materials—especially outdoor fabric—can quickly become worn out or dirty if not cared for properly. When water lands on fabrics they can begin to attract mold, mildew, dirt, and stains. Keep your materials clean and fresh by regularly using a water

Keep Your House Looking BOO!-tiful After the Halloween Party Is Over

Ah, the crisp fall air. It’s lovely to begin to see the leaves change colors and the sweaters and boots come out of storage, but this time of year also means it’s the beginning of the busy holiday season. First

Storm and Hurricane Preparedness

Weather can sometimes go bad in a hurry and it’s best to be prepared. Simple preparations for severe weather like storms and hurricanes can go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe. One of your most

How To Clean Your Patio Furniture

Your outdoor furniture is just as important to your home as your living room furniture. You’ve picked the color, material, and design to perfectly compliment your personal style as well as the aesthetics of your backyard and/or deck. Having made

Protect Your Home This Christmas with 303® Products

With all the distractions of the Christmas season, it’s easy to forget how this occasion can subject any household to more than its fair share of dirt and messes. Everything from holiday dinners to heavy foot traffic to even the

Protect The Things You Love This Holiday With 303 Products

Leave the Less Joyous Activities to 303® Products The holidays bring us the joy of being with family, warm nights by the fire and putting up the Christmas tree. But along with the holiday season comes other things not so

Protect The Things You Love This Winter Season With 303® Products

Cold weather is blowing in, and with it comes snow and salt. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard like you were last year: 303 Products served you well in spring, summer, fall. This year, you can learn some of the

How To Winterize Your Patio

Prepare & Protect Your Patio for the Winter Winter is rapidly approaching and with that, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your patio. Sure, this means a lot of cleaning and storing certain items to provide them with protection

5 Unexpected Uses For 303 Products Around The House

Sometimes the unexpected happens. You purchase a cleaning product and follow the directions for its intended purpose, and it works great. But then you stop and think, what else might it work on? 303® Products has a full line of

Protect Your Home This Halloween with 303 Products

Halloween is just around the corner, time for the ghoulish costumes and the oh so delicious candy. When preparing for Halloween, people often think about costumes, decorations, and candy rather than cleaning and preservation. Getting wrapped up in the holiday

Tips for Keeping Your Hot Tub Cover Looking New

The hot tub cover is a vital component of your spa. Not only does it provide a safety feature, it also prevents heat from escaping, keeps bugs and other critters out of the water and protects the surfaces from fading.

How to Protect and Clean Your Patio Furniture

When cleaning and preparing your patio furniture, it’s important to always use the correct tools. You’ll want to select products that can both clean and protect your outdoor furniture against harmful environmental factors, such as; Soil Water Mold Wear & Tear

Prevent Sun & UV Damage to Your Outdoor Items: A List of Summer Saving 303® Products

Summer is just around the corner and if you left any furniture, vehicles or other items out in the sun in the past, chances are you’ve noticed some sun damage. The sun is the strongest in the summer months and

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Across the country, many people are investing more in their outdoor living areas, creating an extension of their home beyond the patio doors. These outdoor living areas are often complete with relaxing furniture, protection from the sun, and even a

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Outdoor Furniture

Right now is a great time to take advantage of the end of summer sales on patio furniture. When choosing the best products for your outdoor space, pay close attention to the fabric. The right one will be heavy enough

Everyday Uses for 303 Aerospace Protectant and Fabric Guard

In a recent post, we showed you how 303® Aerospace Protectant can be used to extend the life of outdoor sporting equipment, from fishing gear to kayaks. Our customers have found many ways to use 303 products indoors, too. The

How to Winterize Your Pool, Spa Cover and Accessories

Ah, fall. Crisp breezes, bursts of color… …and a swimming pool that needs to be prepped for the coming cold months. As you enjoy this beautiful season, it’s a good time to start preparing the backyard for winter. If you’ve

What is the Best Way to Apply 303 Fabric Guard?

303 Fabric Guard provides a quick and easy way to retreat outdoor fabric and restore their water repellency. Here’s how to apply it to your outdoor fabric.

How to Clean Patio Furniture and Outdoor Fabric

You’ve potted plants and stocked up on propane, but there’s one more step before you start emailing invites for your first backyard barbecue of the season: getting patio furniture ready for guests to enjoy. Even the most soiled fabrics and

Use Fabric Guard to Prevent Stains on Natural Leather

Did you know there’s a way to leave your suede jacket on as you trek through the mud? The same bottle of fabric guard used to protect outdoor fabrics, convertible tops and RV awnings can be used to keep favorite garments