10 Tips to Keep Pets Safe at Home

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Nobody knows the amount of love your furry companion gives you on a day-to-day basis. Their unrelenting support is a feeling that is hard to describe, but you know they are always there to comfort you on the bad days as well as the good ones.

Keeping their well-being in mind is “step one” as a Cat Dad or a Dog Mom, which is why we’ve outlined a few essential pet safety tips to keep them safe at home. Feel free to reference these any time to keep everyone under your roof healthy, happy, and out of harm’s way.

pet friendly iconHide or stow away trash cans so they aren’t easily accessible.


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Don’t let pets get close to stoves, grills, and fire pits. Open flames are dangerous!


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Hide cleaning supplies or use a pet-safe alternative with natural ingredients.


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Stick to pet food with higher nutritional value to maintain a healthy diet.


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Keep your windows “pet-proof” so little escape artists can’t open them.


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Close toilet seat lids in all bathrooms so toxins aren’t ingested.


pet friendly iconKeep hardwood floors and carpets clean to protect paws from dirt, germs, or salt.


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Avoid decorating with houseplants that are toxic to dogs or cats.


pet friendly icon Move exposed wires up and out of the way to avoid chewing temptation.


pet friendly iconCover entry and exit points from exposed heating and air vents.

Keeping your pets safe is an ongoing challenge, especially when you’re stepping out of the house. Remember these helpful tips to give you added peace of mind on that next grocery run. And remember, the bond you share with your dog, cat, or other companion is a special one that will always be preserved.

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