Gold Eagle Contract Packaging:
A Comprehensive Program

Gold Eagle’s Contract Packaging state-of-the-art manufacturing plant includes in-house plastic bottle blow molding along with complete blending, filling, labeling and packaging operations for products ranging in size from 4-ounce bottles to 55-gallon drums. Our modern and efficient warehousing and shipping facilities have drop-shipment capabilities and can provide accurate, complete, and on-time fulfillment of customer orders. Gold Eagle packages, fills, and manufactures over 300 different OEM and Private Brand products for more than 40 companies.

Gold Eagle customers are leading manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, marine engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, agricultural equipment, and other engine-powered vehicles. Additionally, we provide products for many marketing / distribution, janitorial, and industrial supply organizations worldwide. We are proud to have earned a number of successful long-term customer relationships that have lasted more than two decades.

Our contract packaging facility

Our main 213,000 square foot facility includes our headquarter offices, blow molding, blending and filling line operations, and a large warehouse. Gold Eagle Contract Packaging is capable of blow molding dozens of different bottle shapes and sizes to meet your requirements. We can also develop custom bottle designs to meet your unique requirements as needed. Our filling and packaging lines are designed for flexibility and efficiency. We excel at meeting your customized requirements. Our modern, efficient, computerized warehousing and shipping facilities enable us to provide complete and on-time deliveries to ensure product supply to your customers.

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