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From beginner guides on engine care to professional detailing tips, Gold Eagle Company is your one stop shop for everything automotive, boat, small engine & powersports. We’re driven and committed to protecting and preserving the things you love.

Automotive Care

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4 Tips for Turbocharged Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel technology has come a long way in recent years from ultra-low sulfur diesel to biodiesel. Gaining DPF filters to cut down on emissions and high efficient common rail injection systems to gain maximum miles per gallon. All of these

Top 5 Tips for Winter Car Storage

By Dale Renner, winner of the Cool Rides Online 2016 Ride of the Year with his Plymouth Road Runner When storing any car, it’s important to take into account what your specific car needs. Depending on your local climate, the

Boat Care

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What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat

Boat Types, Marine Inspections & More Are you a first time boat buyer looking for a little bit of insight? Here’s a list of all the things you should check out before you purchase that boat you’ve always wanted. Boat

How To Maintain A Boat Outboard Motor

Outboard engines make the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and a long stretch of rowing your boat back to dock. For this reason, outboard motor maintenance is a key part of owning a boat. In this boat

Indoor and Outdoor Living

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Cleaning a Grill, Just in Time for Summer!

You can get your grill barbeque ready in less than 10 minutes! Follow these tips and tricks to make the most out of prime grilling season: Make sure the grill is off and the propane is unplugged (if charcoal, make

Generator Maintenance

It’s wise to have a generator ready to function during a power outage, especially if you live in an area where bad weather is prevalent. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, ice storms and snowstorms are just some of the events that can cause

303® 4-in-1 Metal Polish Receives Best New Product Award at AAPEX 2017

November 1, 2017 (CHICAGO, IL) – Gold Eagle® Co. (“Gold Eagle”), makers of the leading line of protectants and cleaners, 303® Products, announced that its new 303® 4-in-1 Metal Polish received the award for Best New Product in the Appearance

Survey Finds Storing Small Engine Equipment Properly Reduces Headaches

October 17, 2017 (CHICAGO) — As temperatures begin to drop, many Americans are starting the time intensive, and often headache inducing, process of storing their small engine equipment for the season, including lawn mowers, weed whackers, boats and water gear. In


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Beginner’s Guide On How to Check Your Oil

Your car is one of your most important assets. There is a lot of pressure on your vehicle to transport you everywhere you need to go, no matter what. One of the most important working elements of your car is

8 Safety Check & Motorcycle Maintenance Steps to Get Your Bike Spring Ride Ready

It’s that time of year – is your bike ready to hit the road again? Make sure you run through our checklist of tips to bring your motorcycle out of storage safely, without the motorcycle mechanic. It’s best to get

Small Engine Care

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DIY: Prep Your Power Equipment For Winter

When autumn and winter seasons seem to appear out of nowhere every year, many people are caught with their lawn tools not ready for storage and their winter power equipment unprepared for the cold and snow. Improperly stored gear often

How to Change the Engine Oil in a Lawn Mower

  [caption id="attachment_11008" align="alignright" width="300"] Mowing or cutting the long grass with a green lawn mower in the summer sun[/caption] Keeping your lawn maintained helps to cut down on insect populations in the yard, builds strong roots for healthier lawns

Sports and Recreation

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How to Clean Your English or Western Saddle

Barns are not known for their pristine conditions. And your saddle comes in contact with all kinds of different elements, from dust and hay, to sweat and cold weather. Make sure you’re taking proper care of your equipment – keep

How to Winterize a Camper Trailer or RV

As fall comes and goes, many RV owners begin thinking about RV winterizing. For most people, it’s too cold outside to comfortably camp, so storing their vehicle is the best option. But simply parking the RV in a safe spot