STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up: What You Need to Know

When The Knack said, “Ooh you make my motor run, my motor run” in the 1979 hit “My Sharona,” they were not talking about marine engines. We know, we know, we were shocked, too. Maybe it’s because we live and breathe all things engine-related, but we were under the impression the song was about a boat named Sharona that never had a problem with the engine cutting out.

Well, to the surprise of literally no one, we were really off on that one. After reviewing the rest of the lyrics, the song is clearly about a more eyebrow-raising topic, and we should’ve known better. Because the perfect marine engine doesn’t exist, and as hard as this pill is to swallow, most pop music has nothing to do with solving engine problems.

Disappointing? Yes, but this can be the moment we realize it’s time to hire a musician, and it’s exciting we get to experience that together.

bottle of STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up with speed boat in background

All jokes aside, small boats and personal watercrafts (PWCs) have fuel systems that get clogged, making the engine run erratically. It’s not their fault. Things like old fuel and oil, carbon deposits, and dirt get in the way so it’s common for engines to get bogged out. Even when it starts but you notice a change in the sound, the acceleration feels sluggish, or it’s idling rough, it’s a sign that you need to fix it fast.

In these scenarios, you can trust STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up. Think of it as the quick pick-me-up for marine engines to keep them humming along all boating season. The additive stops rough idling engines instantly so you can spend more time kicking up waves and less time stuck in the dock.

Curious to know more about how it works? This page will tell you everything you need to know to determine if STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up is the right product for you.

STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up Explained

STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up quickly cleans out carburetors and fuel injectors for gasoline-based engines. The formula works by dissolving gum and varnish that builds up over time. This residue constricts the pathway needed for air and fuel to mix (combustion), causing weak starts and rough idles.

The additive comes in a convenient 8 oz bottle you can keep onboard whenever you need a ‘tune-up’ throughout the season. It’s a perfect solution that will help you avoid costly engine repairs that could’ve been avoided if you treated it at the first sign of struggle. And now that you are beginning to see how we landed on a name for the product, we’ll tell you more about how easy it is to use.

hand pouring STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up into boat's fuel reserve

How to Use STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up

Treating your engine is all about having the correct product-to-fuel ratio. In this case, a single 8 oz bottle of STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up treats 20 gallons of gasoline. Keep this in mind as you perform these three simple steps:

  1. Pour the additive directly into the fuel reserve of your small boat or PWC
  2. Top off your tank with fresh gasoline to mix contents together
  3. Start your engine and allow it to run for 15 minutes uninterrupted

Not so complicated, is it? Now you can start enjoying your time on the water rather than look on with contempt at every WaveRunner rider that passes you by.

bottle of STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up sitting on boat next to fuel reserve

STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up FAQ

You still might have a few unanswered questions like, ‘Will it work in larger boats?’ The short answer is yes, but you may need more than one bottle on account of the treat rate of one ounce of product per 20 gallons of fuel.

With that being said, check out other common questions consumers have about the product to tie up any loose ends we haven’t covered yet. From there, you can hit the “View Product” button on the bottom to pick it up for yourself.

Q: How much product should I use to treat PWCs like Jet Skis, See-Doos, and WaverRunners?
Every model is different, but most gasoline tanks fall somewhere between 15-20 gallons. One 8 oz bottle of STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up treats 20 gallons. Therefore, one bottle is all you need for a complete PWC ‘tune-up’ treatment.

Q: How long does it take before the product starts working?
The additive starts working the instant you begin pouring it into the fuel tank reserve. The fast-acting formula dissolves gum and varnish upon contact, so you won’t be waiting long to fix that rough idling engine.

Q: Will the product ever expire?
We recommend using STA-BIL Marine Tune-Up within two years of opening the bottle to get the intended results. Using the product after this timeframe will not harm your engine, but it may not be as effective due to lost potency.


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