Boat Care

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What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat

Boat Types, Marine Inspections & More Are you a first-time boat buyer looking for a little bit of insight? Here’s a list of all the things you should check out before you purchase that boat you’ve always wanted. Boat Types

How To Maintain A Boat Outboard Motor

Outboard engines make the difference between an enjoyable day on the water and a long stretch of rowing your boat back to dock. For this reason, outboard motor maintenance is a key part of owning a boat. In this boat

How To Protect Your Boat’s Vinyl Seats

Just like you apply sunscreen to protect your skin — you also need to think about protecting your vinyl boat seats from the effects of sun, weather and time. In this all-hands-on-deck blog, we will walk you through some of

DIY: Boat Propeller Repairs

Repairing the propeller on a boat is a simple process. You can do these repairs on your own, but you must ensure that each step in the process is handled with the greatest care. Repair your propeller using the process

Inspecting Your Boat – 20 Parts That You Should Analyze Before Launching Your Boat

Before performing a boat launch, you should thoroughly inspect numerous components, such as the rudder, the vessel’s radios, the alternator, the battery, the fuel tank, the anodes and the ballast tanks. You can also evaluate the motor’s intakes, which allow

Winterizing A Boat

Summer has come and gone, with fall upon us the chore of winterizing your beloved boat is upon us. Winterizing is well known to all boaters, but it does not have to be a dreaded adventure. Protecting your investment from

Detailing Your Boat Like a Pro

Boats are incredibly useful additions to our lives as they allow us to explore some of the most peaceful parts of the world on the open water and they encourage relaxation. After a period of time and use, however, your

How To Winterize Your Boat

Getting ready for winter? As you enjoy the season’s final weeks of sea and sunshine, start preparing to winterize your boat. Whether your boat has an outboard, gas inboard or stern drive engine, the following nine steps will assure quick,