Find Ethanol Free Gas Near Me With This Map!

Some drivers are always on the hunt for the most affordable fuel, while others are looking for ethanol-free gas. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll appreciate a map of gas stations that offer non-ethanol gas.

If you’re not familiar with non-ethanol gas and are curious about whether it would benefit your car, boat, or outdoor power equipment, here’s what you need to know about this type of fuel before you check out the map.

Fuel pump hose poking through the middle of a location pin

Head toward the closest ethanol-free gas station on the map!

How to Use the Map to Find Ethanol-Free Gas

If you’ve ever wondered where can I find ethanol-free gas near me? you need this map of ethanol-free gas stations. You can simply pull it up on your smartphone to look at before you put your car in drive, and then head toward the closest ethanol-free gas station on the map.

Considering that so many gas stations don’t offer ethanol-free gas, this map should make it possible for you to get the gas you want for your car no matter where you are. So even if you’re traveling and don’t have access to the ethanol-free gas station you regularly go to, you don’t have to go back to regular fuel if you don’t want to.

Why Some Drivers Prefer Ethanol-Free Gas

If you’ve never had the question of where can I find ethanol-free gas near me? you might be curious about why anyone would. To understand why you first have to realize what ethanol does. In short, ethanol is frequently added to gas because it can make the fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. As a result, adding ethanol to gas can reduce a vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is a good thing.

However, ethanol will absorb moisture from the air, which means that after a while, you can end up with a little bit of water in your gas tank. That can lead to corrosion and engine damage in general, and that’s why some people try to avoid ethanol in their gas.

How You Can Avoid Damage from Gas That Contains Ethanol

Now that you know the possible negative effects of ethanol, it’s important to note that gas made with ethanol is considered safe for most cars that are used regularly. This is because when you’re frequently refilling the gas tank with fuel, there’s less of a chance for water to settle at the bottom of the tank and cause corrosion.

But if you have a car or other vehicle you rarely use—such as a motorcycle, ATV, boat, or outdoor power equipment—there is a chance that ethanol could lead to engine damage over time. If this is your situation, you might consider switching to ethanol-free gas.

Another option is to use an additive that will counteract the effects of gasoline that contains ethanol. For example, if you suspect there is water in your gas tank, you can use HEET Gas-Line Antifreeze & Water Remover to displace it. And if you have a diesel engine, you can use Diesel Formula STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer to prevent water from building up in your tank, which can lead to corrosion.

Additionally, if you have any vehicles you plan to put in storage, make sure you keep the gas tank mostly full, with a little room to allow expansion over time. You can also add a fuel additive, such as STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer,  to keep the fuel fresh and avoid buildup.

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  • so where’s the map?

    • Hi, Robert. All you have to do is click the red words in the article and it will direct you to the map.

      • Except that the map does not display. Better check your web site!

  • I agree with ROBERT G DOHERTY; I clicked on the red words and got a map that was all blue. Please greate a map for dummies.

    • Hi, Lynn. The map is blue because those are the locations of the gas stations. You can zoom in and find your specific area and the gas stations nearest you. Thanks for stopping by!

      • still not working – updated java as instructed and your map is still not working

  • I have a new 75 hp mercury outboard they tell me to use non ethonal gas hard yo find and more expensive is there a goog way around this.

    • Hi. If your outboard’s manual calls for non-ethanol fuel, then unfortunately there would be no way around it. If non-ethanol fuel is OK, then we always recommend STA-BIL 360 Marine to offset the issues related to ethanol (corrosion, water, etc.). However, we do agree that non-ethanol is usually a better option (if available and/or affordable). If you end up using non-ethanol fuel, we still recommend using STA-BIL 360 Marine to keep the fuel fresh and diminish condensations issues. Hope this helps. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Consumer Support at Thanks for the question!

  • the map fails to load

  • This web site tries to load 22 scripts, including Facebook and Youtube. Way too many, and unnecessary just to see the map.

  • I tried the red link for “map of gas stations” at the beginning and it worked perfectly. I saw all of the red tear drops and zoomed in and could see the stations near me. I just wish there were more closer.

  • The map location you have for the BP station in Mancelona Michigan is not correct. Its actually at the corner of US131 and M66 a mile or so north of the Village of Mancelona, NOT in the Village.

  • I need to find ethanol free gas what gas station sales? For my leaf Blowers,STIHL!
    Thank you.

  • It makes zero sense to price ethanol free gas much higher than ethanol enhanced gas. The only reason you are having to do that is because fewer people are using it collectively and that raises your shipping/ delivery prices. But the fact will always remain the illogical pricing of a natural non-additive fuel over additives.

  • I click on the red link, but no map.

    • Use stabil , 1oz. in all my 5gal fuel cans and have never had a problem in 20 yrs.

    • you using google chrome?