What is STA-BIL Diesel All Season Fuel Additive?

By Grant Hinton

They say birds of the same feather flock together. The same thought process could be made for those with diesel-powered vehicles. You understand the benefits that come with the green handle fuel, but you also know all the additional challenges it takes to keep up with the maintenance on them too. STA-BIL Diesel All-Season additive gives you the peace of mind that your engine is running at its peak performance and will keep it running smoothly for many years to come.

Diesel motors need fuel additives just like any other motor – STA-BIL Diesel All Season is the perfect additive for diesel.

On top of the automotive additive throne for over 60 years, STA-BIL products feature advanced formulas that keep diesel and gas engines happy. In particular, the advanced formula in STA-BIL Diesel All Season not only cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system, but also demulsifies water and boosts cetane. All of these advantages treat and boost your engine when used on every fill-up. Winter is definitely the hardest season on a diesel engine as owners worry about gelling in their fuel. STA-BIL’s All-Season formula also offers anti-gel protection down to -40°F, rounding out the already stout list of benefits.

Grant Hinton’s Personal Review:

“I have been personally using this formula off and on for a while now, seeing if I can tell a distinct difference in how my truck feels. I can assure any person who is on the fence about using an additive, or hasn’t thought of it at all, this stuff is flat out gold. My 2017 Duramax runs so much smoother while I am running the All-Season in my tank, as opposed to when I leave it out. Using this product is a no brainer and is something I have shared with my fellow diesel owner friends who have reported nothing but good things as well.

There is a reason STA-BIL has been around longer than double my current age, and that is because they know what they are doing. I was raised by my dad and family friends on their storage products and other additives, learning that if you take care of the things you own, they will stand the test of time. There is no doubt in my mind that 10 years from now, when I am still daily driving the same truck I drive today, I will still be treating every fill-up with STA-BIL’s All-Season formula to push it to another 10 years.”

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