Best Uses for STA-BIL Rust Stopper

Protecting your metal belongings from rust can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve left them exposed to the elements for a long time. However, there is a solution that prevents corrosion and ensures your metal stays in pristine condition. It’s an aerosol product called STA-BIL® Rust Stopper, and the protectant puts an end to the damaging effects of rust. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how this product works, why it’s the best solution to stop corrosion in its tracks, and provide five use-case examples to apply in your daily life.

Why You Need STA-BIL Rust Stopper

When you leave metal items outside for any length of time—whether weeks or years—you run the risk of ending up with rust on the surface. It’s just a fact of life, especially in an area where it rains a lot or even simply gets humid. Short of keeping all metal items inside your house, there’s not much you can do to avoid this issue…unless you add a protective coating to any metal surface in order to prevent rust and corrosion. And that’s exactly what STA-BIL Rust Stopper does.

Metal is known for its strength, but it’s not immune to the elements. When exposed to moisture, it’s susceptible to rust and corrosion. For this reason, any metallic objects like patio furniture, gardening tools, or car parts need a protective coating against corrosion. By using STA-BIL Rust Stopper, you can effectively reduce the risk of rust damage. Simply spray the product on the metal surfaces you want to protect, and it will help keep them rust-free. It’s really that straightforward.

aerosol can spraying a lawnmower's undercarriage

Once you’ve sprayed the product over a surface area, you are creating a protective coating that prevents rust from forming on the metal and lubricates joints and pivot points. The aerosol is made from a smart, water-resistant formula that makes it impossible for water and oxygen to react with one another, which is the environment necessary to create rust. Furthermore, the product can be used on any metal surface where rust has already started, creating a protective barrier that prevents it from spreading.

Where to Use Rust Stopper

Basically, any metal that might get wet stands to benefit from the protection offered by STA-BIL Rust Stopper. Five of the most common uses of this product are:

  1. Trailer hitches: These devices stick out like a sore thumb, constantly exposed to the elements. Provide a protective coating for your trailer or tow hitch with this resourceful product.
  2. Vehicle undercoating: Driving over a wet road means a lot of water kicking up and making contact with your vehicle’s undercarriage. STA-BIL Rust Stopper provides a protective layer to ensure your car is not rusting in areas you typically don’t check.
  3. Outdoor power equipment: Most power equipment contains metal, from chainsaws and snowblowers to lawnmower decks (pictured above). If you want to keep these expensive items operating at their best, they need a coat of STA-BIL Rust Stopper.
  4. Gardening tools: If you keep your rake or shovel outside on your property—or even in a shed—there’s a good chance any moisture in the air will slowly corrode the metal over time. Keep these tools in good condition by spraying a protective coating on them before they rust.
  5. Grills: There’s nothing worse than going outside to grill only to find that your barbecue is practically rusted shut. You can avoid this issue with STA-BIL Rust Stopper, which will keep your grilling equipment looking nice.

How to Apply STA-BIL Rust Stopper

If you’re looking for an easy solution to prevent rust on your metal items, STA-BIL Rust Stopper is your answer, and it’s incredibly easy to apply. For best results: shake the can well and spray from about three inches away, moving the can back and forth evenly to cover the entire metal surface. Depending on the climate, it’s recommended to reapply every two to six months for continued protection against rust and corrosion.

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