Everyday Uses for 303 Aerospace Protectant and Fabric Guard

303 Fabric Guard and Aerospace ProtectantIn a recent post, we showed you how 303® Aerospace Protectant can be used to extend the life of outdoor sporting equipment, from fishing gear to kayaks.

Our customers have found many ways to use 303 products indoors, too. The stories we hear range from creative to downright brilliant. Since many of them involve household items we all have, we decided to share a few favorites.

Did you know you can use our cleaners and protectants to:

Keep ice off your satellite dish?

One coat of Aerospace Protectant on your satellite dish will keep snow from piling up and winter condensation from freezing into icicles. Just spray both sides of the dish, wipe and polish dry for trouble-free satellite TV all winter long.

Make umbrellas dry faster?

If you’re tired of puddles on your otherwise tidy floors from dripping umbrellas, give them a dose of our fabric guard. Next time you’re coming in from the rain, just tap the umbrella lightly with the heel of your hand and watch all of the water beads fall off. You’ll have a bone-dry umbrella the moment you walk in the door.

Clean delicate tapestries?

For years, 303 fabric cleaners have been used to deep clean carpet. But did you know our fabric guard is safe for keeping delicate tapestries and antique fabrics clean, too? After testing an inconspicuous area for colorfastness, spray on two light coats. Wait 24 hours for it to dry and cure, then sprinkle a few drops of water on fabric. If water soaks in, apply another light spray.

Protect your pool table from stains?

A liquid spill on billiard cloth leads to an immediate, permanent stain. Unless it’s been treated with 303 Fabric Guard. Customers have found just one treatment from a 16oz. bottle can resist stains for up to two years!

Keep seldom-worn natural leather fresh?

Keep all those coats, belts, purses and boots tucked away in the closet feeling and smelling fresh every time you pull them out. A douse of Aerospace Protectant will make them look new for years to come. While you’re at it, give those old natural leather-bound photos albums a quick spray, too.

Prevent outdoor flags and banners from fading?

Spray on a coat of Aerospace (for nylon or polyester) or Fabric Guard (for cotton and cotton blends) to keep fabric strong and colors bright.

Have you found other creative uses for 303?

If you’ve found other great uses for our cleaners and protectants, we’d love to hear them. Head on over to the Facebook page to tell us about them!

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