Black Friday Deals for Home Owners

Everybody who participates in shopping on Black Friday like to do their research on the best Black Friday deals to compare prices, see what is available and plan their strategy on how they are going to shop with multiple stores in play, taking into account traffic, time for travel, and availability of parking. Below are some Black Friday deals for homeowners to look into for this year’s Black Friday shopping.


Most people tend to focus on electronics and gadgets during Black Friday sales, but not a lot of people stop to think about potential furniture sales for Black Friday. If you need to replace broken recliner or your couch just isn’t that comfortable anymore and the thrift stores don’t have what you are looking for, then a Black Friday sale might be your best bet. Last year there were sleeper sofas, as well as ergonomic office chairs deals.


If you need to update your cookware, Black Friday is a surprising time in which to do it. Last year, a 17 piece The Pioneer Woman cookware set was on sale for $59. As of now, it is selling for $119.97, which means it was almost half off during the Black Friday sale. An Instant Pot 8-quart pressure cooker sold for almost 35% less than the current price.


High-end TVs tend to be fairly expensive. Sony 60-inch LED smart 4k Ultra HDTVs were selling for 60% off during Best Buy Black Friday sales in 2017 and in 2018 they had a number of TVs for under $350. Also last year, an Amazon Echo for the home was for $30 off or about 30% off. Nest thermostats are also a great item for Black Friday sales. You can control them from anywhere and it powers itself down when you are gone to save on energy consumption.

Home Security

Some of the most sought after home security systems are ADT, Nest, and SimpliSafe. Do your research ahead of time to find the one that best fits your needs and when the time comes you will know exactly which one to get for your home. Nest indoor cameras range anywhere from $300 to almost $400, but they sold for $130 during Black Friday 2018, depending on the type. Video doorbells, video recorders, and electronic fire safes were also included in Black Friday sales where these items are typically sold.

What Not To Consider

While there are is a wide selection of items on sale during Black Friday, there are those items that have better deals at other times in the year. Toys tend to have better deals right around Christmas. For outdoor items such as grills and outdoor furniture and some outdoor activities, these tend to have better deals in the spring and around Labor Day. The best time to buy winter clothing is in October or after the winter season is over and they are trying to make room for spring clothing.

If there is something you have had your eye on, and you have not been able to find it at a garage sale, thrift store, online through apps or websites from people who wish to no longer have that item, then a Black Friday sale would be your best choice. It also depends on which store you got to, so be sure to do your homework before you go.

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