Leather Conditioner: How to Make Your Leather Last Longer

When properly cared for, leather can last for a very long time–decades, even. An extremely durable material, leather outlasts a wide variety of other materials, but it needs a little help along the way in the form of conditioning and preserving. Thankfully, there are leather condition products on the market designed to do just that.

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What is Leather Conditioner?

A good leather conditioner (along with leather cleaners and protectants) can keep your leather looking brand new even after years of use. Leather conditioner is a product that adds moisture to the leather, keeping it from getting dry and eventually cracking.

What Does it Do and When/How Often Should You Use It?

Leather conditioner contains oils and other natural ingredients that mimic the natural oils of leather. By applying the leather conditioner to your leather furniture or leather car upholstery, you essentially keep the leather from succumbing to dryness, as well as adding a layer of protection. A good rule of thumb is to apply leather conditioner once a month to keep the leather looking its best. Practice these leather car seat maintenance and cleaning rules once a month and your leather car seats will remain luxurious!

How do You Tell if Your Leather Needs Conditioning?

If your leather appears somewhat dull and not as shiny as it once did, or if you notice any telltale signs of cracking, you’ll definitely want to clean and condition your leather furniture and car upholstery.

How do you Choose a Leather Conditioner?

Ultimately, choosing the right leather conditioner depends upon what type of leather you are seeking to condition, restore and protect. Boot leather, leather purses and bags, and leather upholstery might all be different types of leather, such as top or full-grain leather.

Most leather cleaners and conditioners are suitable for all types of leather, but you can also purchase products made specifically for certain types of leather, such as car upholstery or leather boots, for example. Choosing the right leather conditioner for the type of leather you want to clean will help to better protect and clean the leather for longer periods of time.

Avoiding Damaged Leather

In addition to applying a good leather conditioner approximately every 3 months for car upholstery, and at least once a year for leather furniture and other leather items, you’ll want to make sure you don’t do anything that can increase the risk of damaged leather.

The type of leather conditioner is dependent upon the type you have.

For example, exposure to sunlight on a continuous basis can really take a toll on leather, causing it to appear dry and dull, and eventually leading to cracked, worn leather. Keep your car parked in shady areas or in the garage, and furniture out of direct sunlight that streams through the windows, and you’ll help increase the life and look of your leather.

Likewise, you’ll also want to keep the leather away from high heat, or other extreme changes of temperature. Moving leather furniture, for example, from a relatively warm area to an area where the temperature suddenly dips harshly, such as outside at night, can cause damaged leather over time as well.

And lastly, if you do accidentally spill something on your leather upholstery, clean it as soon as possible with a good leather cleaner. The longer you allow the stain, dirt, or grime to sit, the more possible it is that your leather will be permanently stained.

Remember, choose the right leather conditioner for the type of leather you are seeking to clean and protect, and apply it on a schedule according to the instructions, and you’ll have leather that looks new and pristine for many years!

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