How to Care for Leather Car Seats

Leather seats are the cherry on top of a luxury car sundae, but without proper maintenance, they can be downright gross. Because leather is a natural material it is subject to fading and cracking because of heat and UV rays. Practicing routine maintenance will extend the life of your leather and keep your car looking factory new!

The Deep Clean

Step 1: Vacuum

Begin by vacuuming up any loose debris and dirt. If it’s been a while between cleanings your seats will have certainly picked up some unwelcome travelers, and trying to clean the seats without removing them will just rub them around.

Step 2: Apply Leather Cleaner

Spray your preferred leather cleaner onto the surface of the seat and use a soft bristled brush to gently agitate any problem areas. The most common spots are the creases and places where skin or hair routinely comes into contact with the leather.

Step 3: Wipe Dry

Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe away any excess moisture. The seats will remain somewhat damp to the touch unless they have been coated.

Allow 1-24 hours for the seats to dry depending on your climate

Conditioning your Leather Seats

Step 4: Apply Leather Conditioner

Apply your preferred leather conditioner generously and evenly. Avoid letting it pool up in a single area to make sure you have even coverage. A good leather conditioner will keep the leather moist which prevents cracking, while also providing UV protection to maintain the color.

After application, allow 4-6 hours for the seats to absorb the conditioner.

Step 5: Wipe Dry

Using a clean, dry microfiber towel wipe off any excess conditioner and then wipe fully dry.

Spending a few minutes to complete this routine every 3-6 months will ensure that your seats outlast the car they’re riding in!

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