Protect Your Home This Christmas with 303® Products

With all the distractions of the Christmas season, it’s easy to forget how this occasion can subject any household to more than its fair share of dirt and messes. Everything from holiday dinners to heavy foot traffic to even the Christmas tree in the family room can provide opportunities for grime, stains, or even worse. Fortunately, with the right equipment, it’s possible to both prepare ahead of time and quickly solve problems after the fact. The various formulas from 303 rank as among the best ways to prevent and correct the holiday’s worst by-products.

Holiday Decor

Before nearly anything else happens; most people want to get the home bedecked for the season. Christmas decorations can often lose their color over the years. 303 Aerospace Protectant can liven up the dull reds and greens in that plastic Santa statue and keep them that way without a greasy, glossy appearance. Even seemingly difficult items like inflatables can be restored with this formula. Outdoor Christmas decorations often include wreaths and garlands of evergreen boughs hung on walls or entwined around railings. The needle leaves are notorious for producing a sticky resin that can cling to and stain outdoor fixtures. 303 Indoor/Outdoor Protectant can lay down a line of defense to make clean-up of stubborn sap simple.

Dinner Is Served

Holiday meals should be enjoyed without worrying about spills. These settings offer chances for things like carpets, tablecloths, wood and plastic surfaces, and clothing to wind up marred. For both floor and table coverings, 303 Fabric Guard establishes a shield against all types of dirt including grease. For finished leather, 303 Indoor/Outdoor Protectant supplies an extra measure of confidence by renewing and preserving it. It can even provide a polished shine to wood and other surfaces at the end of the day. When messes happen, both 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner and 303 Spot Cleaner will make them disappear.

Down on the Floor

Between guests tracking in outdoor dirt and needle leaves from the tree, carpeting can get the worst ground-in messes. 303Indoor/Outdoor Fabric Guard creates a preemptive barrier against grunge from shoes, tree sap, and even water stains if the Christmas tree holder overflows. Afterwards, 303 Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner can erase these messes in no time at all. For a few small but determined problems, 303 Spot Cleaner will go the extra mile to remove that last speck.

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