6 Tips for a Great Looking Lawn

Having an attractive lawn and garden will not only add value to your home but will make it more enjoyable. There are several simple steps you can take that will help you achieve a great looking lawn.

Follow these 6 steps for easy lawn care.

1. Reduce Thatch

The first step to producing an incredible lawn is to reduce thatch. You can remove thatch manually with a thatching rake or with a vertical mower. According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, excessive thatch can be caused by acidic soil, too much fertilization or pesticides.

2. Water Deep and Less Often

Watering less often and for longer periods of time will help the roots to grow deeper. It’s often recommended to water your lawn with one inch of water once a week. To make sure you get approximately an inch of water set out a few containers in the yard and turn off the sprinklers once you have an inch of water in the containers.

This list of lawn care how to’s will help your lawn look great all summer long.

3. Water in the Morning

Scotts recommends watering your lawn before ten in the morning. The water is less likely to evaporate in the morning and there is less sunlight. You should avoid watering in the evening. A lawn that remains wet during the night is more susceptible to disease.

4. Prune Branches to Reduce Shade

This will allow the most sunlight possible to reach all areas of your lawn. Start by pruning dead branches and limbs. Pruning even a little will reduce shade and increase the growth of your lawn and garden. Refrain from removing entire trees if possible. Healthy trees add beauty to a landscape and provide a home for a variety of wildlife.

5. Never Mow Damp Grass

There are several reasons you should avoid mowing when the grass is damp. For starters, the clippings will clump which could create an uneven cut. Clumps left on the lawn look unattractive and could kill the grass. It’s obviously unsafe to mow a wet lawn with an electric mower. Finally, mowing wet grass could potentially damage any type of mower. If the ground sinks when you walk on it, it is likely too wet to mow.

Follow these lawn care tips for a great looking lawn.

6. Fertilize with Nitrogen

The Lawn Institute states that fertilizing with nitrogen will promote healthy and rapid lawn growth. Fertilizers with quick-release nitrogen will promote quick growth while those with slow-release will need to be applied less frequently and are less likely to burn the lawn.

Keeping your lawn looking good is relatively easy once you get into a regular routine. Following these few steps will go a long way toward increasing the overall beauty and health of your lawn.

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