How to Make Granite Shine

If your granite is looking a little dull, there could be a number of things going on. Here are a few things that happen to your granite that you can and cannot fix:

You can fix it ✔

Soap Scum

If you use dish soap to clean your granite then a film of soap scum has been building over time. Using soap won’t actually work since that’s what got you into this mess, but don’t worry. You can either use acetone (the main ingredient in nail polish remover) or a dedicated product like Stonetech’s soap scum remover for stone. Just spray on and wipe off to get rid of the film that’s standing between you and sparkling granite!

Light etching

Acidic substances (vinegar, coffee, lemon juice) rub down stone surfaces over time. If the damage is minimal you can use a polishing powder to get the shine back. For this procedure you will sprinkle the powder over the affected area, then mist with water, and buff in a circular motion. (Bonus points if you have an orbital buffer!)

The main ingredient in polishing powder is tin oxide, which can be purchased in its pure form. If you’re interested in a ready-made solution the most widely available is MB11 from MB Stone Care.

You can’t fix it ❌

Deep Etching

Unfortunately, if your stone surface is too far gone you’ll have to call in the professionals. Look for a trusted installation expert in your area and get quotes to re-finish the surface of your dulled stone.

Ongoing Granite Maintenance

If your granite looks great and you want it to stay that way, be sure to care for it properly moving forward. To do this, you can buy a cleaner designed for stone or make one yourself. The key is ensuring a pH neutral formula that doesn’t have too much soapiness. If the product is acidic it can etch the stone or erode the finish. If it’s too suds-y you encounter the problem of a layer of film getting built up over time and dulling your shine. Here’s a simple formula you can whip up from ingredients that you already have around the house.

DIY Daily Granite Cleaner:

To an empty spray bottle add:

  • 2 Cups Water
  • ¼ Cup rubbing alcohol
  • 5 drops dish soap (Castile soap if you’re feeling extra eco-friendly)*Optional*
  • 10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Spray and wipe for daily care.

Ready to Use Granite Cleaner:

TriNova’s Daily Granite Cleaner works well because it meets all of the criteria listed above while also working with your sealant to contribute to the protective layer insulating your stone from the hazards of your kitchen (referring to spills, not your cooking – we promise).

Whatever you decide – remember the following, because prevention is the best way to keep your counters looking great:

  • Wipe up spills as soon as you can after they occur
  • Use coasters or trivets under containers at extreme temperatures
  • Use a cutting board to protect your counter and your knives
  • Use a Granite Sealer to protect your granite

Want to seal your granite but you don’t know where to begin? Here’s How to Seal Granite Countertops.

Let us know if you’ve ever had to revive granite – and how you did it – in the comments below!

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  • Do you have any suggestions for brining the shine back to laminate floors?

  • Do you guys have a product that can safely clean hard water marks off of dark granite?

    • Hi Will,
      You would need something acidic to break up mineral deposits and daily granite cleaners (like ours) are all pH neutral since using acidic cleaners isn’t recommended for granite. I would suggest using a specialized hard water cleaner and then re-clean the surface with something pH neutral like the TriNova Granite Cleaner. Once cleaned, I would suggest using the TriNova Granite Sealer to make it easier to clean hard water stains in the future.
      Jessica at TriNova

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