Fall Cleaning Tips for the Home

The changing of the seasons typically brings not only different weather, but also a few lifestyle modifications. Maybe you were relaxed and rarely in a hurry in the summer, and now that fall is here, you’re always rushing to get out the door. Or perhaps you usually grilled your food outside during the warmer months, and now you do all your cooking—and baking!—indoors. Regardless of how your life has changed this autumn, you need to make sure your house can keep up! You can start by checking out these guidelines on how to organize your home for fall.

Follow these fall cleaning tips to keep your home fresh this season.1. Do Some Fall Cleaning

You can deep clean your house at the start of any season, so why not fall? If you want to improve upon the cleaning you did in the spring—or maybe you missed out on spring cleaning completely—the fall is a great time to tidy up. You can do all the typical deep cleaning duties, such as scrubbing walls and baseboards, washing rugs, polishing windows and cleaning appliances.

But there’s one chore that’s especially important in the fall, and that’s getting your closet ready for the season. That’s right; it’s time to put away those bathing suits, flip flops and shorts now that summer is gone. You can put all those summer staples in some bins and store them under the bed or on a closet shelf. Then pull out your long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, jeans or leggings, scarves and of course the boots you’ve been wanting to wear for a while now. Be sure to try everything on at the start of the season so you can donate anything that doesn’t fit—meaning you’ll have some space in your closet for new fall clothes!

2. Get Your Kitchen In Shape for Fall

The fun part of getting your kitchen ready for fall is stocking the pantry with plenty of pumpkin and a bunch of baking supplies. But your fall plans for your kitchen should go beyond just baking pies. You should also use this time to organize the area, especially if you have children who just went back to school.

This is a good time to clean out your fridge and pantry so you can create a space for snacks and stuff for school lunches. If there are healthy snacks you want the kids to eat every day, make these easy to grab by placing them in a drawer or cabinet down low. Don’t forget to portion them out into individual servings if they’re not prepackaged. You can also buy small bins to keep your food organized in the fridge or pantry this fall.

3. Get All the Fall Essentials Ready To Go

Another way to organize your home for fall is to make it easy to stay cozy from the beginning of the season. This means keeping fluffy blankets and pillows within reach of your couch for those chilly fall nights. If you have a fireplace, make sure you clean it and have any tools and dry wood you need to make a fire.

And fall is the perfect time to set out scented candles—especially in fragrances like pumpkin, campfire or apple cinnamon. Finally, put up some fall décor around your house to really get it ready for the season. This means dressing up your house with real or fake pumpkins, autumn leaves and vases full of flowers in fall colors.

These fall cleaning tips will keep your home comfy and cozy this season.4. Set Up a Spot That Will Save You Time Every Day

If you’re constantly in a rush these days, it’s probably because you can’t always quickly locate your keys, or maybe you spend far too long hopping around the house while searching for your other boot. We can’t help with time management, but we can help you organize your home for fall, and that alone should allow you to get out the door faster!

Our simple solution is to create an organized area where you keep everything you need for your mornings. This may include your sunglasses, wallet, car keys, coat, purse and shoes—plus anything you have to bring with you that day in particular. Set it all by the door you use every morning—whether it’s the front door or the mudroom—so you can just grab it on your way out. You can buy small bins and wall hooks to keep everything organized in this area for fall.

  1. Switch Out Summer Yard Equipment for Fall Gear

Now that the inside of your home is ready for fall, turn your focus to the great outdoors—and not just the space you sit in while sipping coffee in your backyard! Getting your patio ready for fall is important, but so is preparing your yard for the cooler temperatures.

You can do that by getting out your leaf blower, chainsaw and snowblower—depending on the weather in your area. Be sure to properly maintain these types of power equipment before you start using them this fall. That means using small engine necessities, such as STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer and STA-BIL 2-Cycle Oil, so you can keep your outdoor power equipment running great this fall.

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