STA-BIL® 2-Cycle Oil

SKU: 22404


  • Multi-Mix 50:1 | 40:1 – 2.6oz. makes 1 gallon
  • Fully Synthetic, highly lubricating
  • Ashless – Burns clean, minimizes smoke
  • STA-BILizes fuel for 1 year
  • Increases performance and extends engine life
  • More cost effective than prepackaged fuel

STA-BIL® Starting Fluid

  • High ether content delivers faster starts, even on stubborn engines
  • Works down to -65 degrees F (-54 degrees C)
  • Contains upper cylinder lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
  • Saves starter and battery by helping to get engines started quickly, with any fuel amount
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