Don’t Make These Common Lawn Care Mistakes

As the warmer weather arrives, trees and plants begin to blossom, and the birds sing daily, thoughts quickly turn to lawn care and gardening. Soon, the sounds of the birds are drowned out by the loud engines of lawnmowers as thousands of homeowners begin the weekly lawn care ritual of cutting the grass and other lawn maintenance tasks.

Proper lawnmower maintenance will help keep your lawn care chores manageable.

We all want our lawns to look green and pristine, of course, but did you know that you might be making several common lawn care mistakes? Consider the following and see if there are any changes to your lawn care tasks that you need to change in order to improve the look and health of your lawn.

Common Lawn Care Mistakes

1. Overwatering Your Lawn

In addition to the sound of lawnmowers, spring and summer also bring the sound of sprinklers as they work diligently to water the lawn. But too much water can actually be harmful to your lawn, not helpful. As a general rule of thumb, an inch of water per week is ideal for your lawn–watering your lawn twice a week is sufficient to provide this amount.

2. Watering at the Wrong Time of Day

Yes, believe it or not, there is a wrong time of day to water the lawn. Morning is best because as the heat begins to rise, the water on the lawn can evaporate, meaning not enough is getting deep into the soil. Additionally, in really hot areas, the afternoon sun can actually burn the leaves of plants that are wet.

3. Cutting the Grass With Dull Lawnmower Blades

Your lawnmower requires proper maintenance in the winter to ensure it keeps working properly, and in the spring to get it ready for the busy lawn care job ahead. Keeping the blades sharp is part of lawnmower maintenance tasks, as sharp blades will cut the grass properly, while dull blades will pull at the grass, resulting in a poorly cut lawn.

4. Cutting the Grass Too Short

The ideal length of grass for proper lawn care is 2-3 inches. You might think a shorter lawn looks neater (as well as reduces the number of times you need to mow the lawn), but if the grass is too short it can actually starve, affecting the health and growth of your lawn. For a great looking lawn, cut the grass to the proper length with a sharp blade.

Lawn care isn’t something only done during the warmer months.

5. Not Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn in the spring allows your yard to breathe better throughout the summer, helping water and fertilizer to be better absorbed below the surface.

6. Not Testing the Soil

A soil test can tell you if your yard is lacking essential nutrients needed to help grass and other plants grow. A soil test can also help you determine what type of fertilizer is best for your yard.

7. Not Using the Right Fertilizer

The details on the fertilizer might sound great, promising a healthy lawn, but if you aren’t using the right fertilizer, it can be relatively ineffective. Get a soil test and choose the right fertilizer for your lawn based on the results. Perform a soil test about every three years to ensure proper lawn care.

Avoid making the above common lawn care mistakes, and practice good lawnmower maintenance, and you are bound to have a lush, green lawn that stays healthy throughout the season and for many years to come.

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