STA-BIL Pump Protector: What You Need to Know

You can winterize your home, car, and even your pool if you happen to be the most popular house in the neighborhood. But the one item you don’t want to forget about as colder weather looms is your pressure washer.

Why, you ask?

If you store it over the winter with water in the pump, you run the risk of letting the water freeze, which leads to, you guessed it – a broken or severely damaged pressure washer. Alternatively, if you’ve ever seen water leaking from the pump, this is a sign of a bad o-ring or a crack in the pump.

Without being too presumptuous, we think these are two scenarios you’d like to avoid. After all, you depend upon your pressure washer to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the most challenging, stubborn cleaning jobs.

The good news is that there’s a convenient solution designed to keep your pressure washer protected when the temperatures dip below freezing. It’s called STA-BIL Pump Protector, and this is how it works.

STA-BIL Pump Protector Explained

Whether you plan to store your pressure washer for a brief or extended time, STA-BIL Pump Protector is designed to preserve the integrity of your equipment. Every bottle comes with a convenient hose attachment that fits directly into any hose. The intelligent formula engineered by expert chemists is designed to protect pressure washer pumps, internal seals, and pistons.

Additionally, STA-BIL Pump Protector keeps these internal components lubricated so you can take your equipment directly out of storage and rely on strong, smooth spray power right away. This is one of the many reasons why some loyal users choose to use it all the time, not only for stowaway purposes. Lastly, the product contains anti-freeze properties, which is why it’s so popular to use the product before storing your pressure washer away for the winter.

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How to Use STA-BIL Pump Protector

While there are different types of pressure washers out there, STA-BIL Pump Protector is compatible with all models. First, fasten the hose on the bottle directly to the water inlet hookup of your pressure washer. Once attached, all you have to do is dispense the fluid from the can through the pump. Just make sure that the hose on the pump that connects to the wand is disconnected, allowing the product to escape. That’s all it takes to coat the internal components of your pressure washer and keep it lubricated. Follow this best practice before storing your pressure washer in cold weather, so water doesn’t stay in the pump and freeze. Or, you can do this any time you find water leaking because it’s truly an all-season product.

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Take Your Pressure Washer Storage To The Next Level

We’ve gone into great detail about how STA-BIL Pump Protector coats, lubricates, and protects the inner components of pressure washers. But there is one other task you can add to your storage best practice to make sure your pump is in excellent condition the next time you take it out. If your pressure washer is gas-powered, pour STA-BIL Storage into the fuel reserve instead of draining the tank. Doing this best practice will make the stowaway process way more manageable because you won’t have to run your pump until it’s empty. Instead, the fuel additive will keep the existing fuel fresh until you are ready to take your pressure washer out next season.

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STA-BIL Pump Protector FAQ

There are a lot of similar anti-freeze pump protectors on the market, so you might be curious to know what makes STA-BIL Pump Protector different. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions consumers have about the product below so you can learn what makes STA-BIL stand apart from the pack.

Q: Does the product have a shelf life?
A: STA-BIL Pump Protector has a shelf life of four years from the date of manufacturing. Once opened, the product is good for two years.

Q: Is the product compatible with all types of pressure washers or only certain ones?
A: You can use STA-BIL Pump Protector on any type of pressure washer because it’s universally compatible with all models.

Q: If I didn’t use my pressure washer all year, do I still need to use the product?
A: As long as you winterized your pressure washer before storing it, you do not need to re-apply.


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