STA-BIL Fast Fix: What You Need to Know

Imagine this scenario. You’ve put off cutting the grass a little too long. The blades have grown uncomfortably high, and you fear that the neighbors might have already begun talking. Every time you step out of the house, you are reminded of what you have failed to do, but you finally have the time and motivation to get your yard back in shape. As you bring your lawnmower out from the garage (or shed), you know there’s plenty of fuel in the tank, but it simply won’t startup. You hit the primer, you pull back on the cord as hard as you can, but all you get is sputtering, frustration and the hot sun beating down upon your head. The problem is not that you’ve put off yard work, nor is it that your mower is too old. Your small engine needs a quick and easy fuel treatment solution in the form of STA-BIL Fast Fix.

STA-BIL Fast Fix Explained

If you want to understand the ins and outs of STA-BIL Fast Fix, it’s best to start with the name itself. The solvent is a complete small engine fuel system cleaner that quickly fixes ethanol-blended fuel issues that cause rough starts or no starts. All you need is 15 minutes to let the motor run after a treatment to get back your equipment in the game. STA-BIL Fast Fix works by clearing away debris such as gum or varnish that is blocking the carburetor. The formula swiftly dissolves dirt, grime, or anything else standing in the way of a clear pathway between the fuel tank and carburetor to start the motor over. Once you apply the correct amount, you will most likely resolve the hard start or no start problems causing you grief.

Fast Fix 8oz Pouring Chainsaw min

How to Use STA-BIL Fast Fix

The first point you must keep in mind before using STA-BIL Fast Fix is having the correct ratios in mind. One ounce treats 2.5 gallons of fuel, so be sure to measure out how much gas you currently have in the tank. Pour STA-BIL Fast Fix directly into the gas tank of the small engine equipment you plan to treat. Examples of this include lawnmowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, and weed whackers. Even if you go a little over, your engine will still be fine, so don’t worry about overestimating as long as you are in the ballpark. After pouring STA-BIL Fast Fix into the tank, top it off with fresh fuel. Then you can let the engine run for 15 minutes without interruption to make your machine run like a dream.

Think Again Before Ditching Your Small Engine Equipment

We see it all the time. Homeowners prematurely throw out small engine equipment because the lawnmower or snowblower in question has been giving them difficulties when starting. More often than not, the trouble isn’t a mechanical issue but with the fuel that’s been sitting in the tank. For example, winter only comes around once a year, and some can be a little more white than others. Warm winters usually mean that your snowblower will remain dormant, collect dust, and allow ample time for the fuel to become inefficient. STA-BIL Fast Fix will treat the gas in the tank if the snowblower has trouble starting, which is a much more economical way to fix the issue at hand. Do you want to shell out money for a brand-new piece of equipment or fix it up fast? The choice is yours.

Fast Fix Family Snow Blower Driveway 00000 min


Still unclear about the way STA-BIL Fast Fix works? Sometimes it helps to break it down in a plain Q&A format to get quick answers to common questions. Check out the following queries to tie up any remaining loose ends that might be remaining in your STA-BIL Fast Fix education.

Q: What type of equipment is compatible with STA-BIL Fast Fix?
A: Every two-stroke and four-stroke engine. For example, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, and generators. It works great with all small engine equipment.

Q: Does STA-BIL Fast Fix have a shelf life?
A: It is best to use the product within two years of opening the bottle. You will not run the risk of damaging your equipment if used after this timeframe. However, the product may not be as effective.

Q: Can I use STA-BIL Fast Fix with other products like STA-BIL Storage?
A: It is possible to use both. Just keep in mind that both products serve different purposes, and the main objective of STA-BIL Fast Fix is to correct starting issues on small engine equipment.

Q: Will I harm my equipment if I pour too much STA-BIL Fast Fix into the gas tank?
A: No, you will not harm your engine with over-treatment.


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