Clean and Protect GDI and Traditional Engines with New 104+® Fuel Injector Pro

July 25, 2017 (Chicago) – Cars today are more advanced than ever before, but despite the latest in technological advancements, they still can’t clean themselves, especially the inside of the engineTo keep advanced and traditional engines running like new, Gold Eagle Co. is introducing a new, high-quality fuel system cleaner to its popular 104+ Performance lineup, 104+® Fuel Injector ProFuel Injector Pro is easy to use and is formulated for the latest engines utilizing Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology, as well as traditional engines, to help combat common engine issues.

“New technologies bring new problems, and we saw consumers’ frustration as their car’s performance started to decrease in a short period of time despite following suggested maintenance guidelines,” said Matthew Wing, brand manager of 104+. “Our scientists took the challenge head-on and created 104+ Fuel Injector Pro, an innovative, easy to use fuel system cleaner that delivers immediate, noticeable results from the first use.”

Vehicles with GDI engines can quickly accumulate carbon deposits from today’s ethanol-blended fuel, causing drivers to experience issues in as few as 10,000 miles of driving. The buildup can cause noticeable and costly problems, resulting in impaired performance and reduced fuel economy. Fuel Injector Pro is specifically designed and engineered to remove even the hardest carbon deposits to help maintain overall engine performance while saving drivers a visit to the mechanic and a hit to their wallet.

Fuel Injector Pro is an easy to use two-step process. Simply pour a full bottle into a full tank of gas and enjoy the drive while your engine gets cleaner. Repeat the process on the next fill-up to regain engine performance and enhance the overall driving experience.

The new Fuel Injector Pro joins the current line up of 104+ Performance octane boosters and is now currently available for purchase online (two are recommended for best results). Learn more about 104+ products at

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