Are Silicone-Based Dressings Good For My Car Interior?

Those who like to keep a tidy car interior have options when it comes to picking the right product to clean and protect the cabin.

For example, if you went to a retail store without a plan, you can peruse the aisles until you walk upon the planogram containing all the auto cleaners and protectants. From there, you’d scan the different bottles from all the brands you’d expect to see on the shelves. And you know what? A lot of the products designed for the interior contain silicone.

But there is a fine line between dressings made with oily silicones compared to a competing product like 303® Protectant. The former will leave a trail of greasy residue in its wake while the latter produces a result that is far drier, or non-sticky to the touch.

So, what is 303 Protectant and how does it produce a more refined finish instead of a slimy feeling?

303 Protectant is a non-greasy dressing for interior car surfaces like rubber, vinyl, leather, and plastic. The formula contains no oily or harmful silicones so it won’t attract dirt, dust, grime, or fingerprints as an oily dressing might.

It’s simple to use while available in two options – spray bottle or individual-use wipes. Either way, using it as instructed on the bottle or product page supplies UV protection and fade resistance while making your entire car cabin look brand-new.

As if the name didn’t give it away already, 303 Protectant will preserve a car’s interior by creating a protective defensive layer over the treated areas.

303 protectant in use

You can use it on the dashboard to prevent fading caused by the sun’s UV rays. Or try it on vinyl or finished leather seats to revive the material and prevent stains from setting in.

It’s important to keep your interior protected to reinvigorate its appearance and prevent premature aging. Take a look at the following slideshow to see visible signs of wear, cracking, and fading on interior leather car seats that haven’t been treated.

Natural wear and tear will occur over time in car interiors that go untreated. However, using a quality protectant is a simple solution to preserve the materials in your cabin. And now you know you don’t have to pick one that will leave your car looking and feeling greasy.

TL;DR: Treat your car interior with 303 Protectant to safeguard it without the oily streaking. It’s an excellent choice if you want a dressing that cleans and shields surfaces with a dry, matte finish. As a bonus, look at 303 3-in-1 Leather Cleaner for a more complete car interior care solution so long as you have vinyl or finished leather seats.

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