8 Safety Check & Motorcycle Maintenance Steps to Get Your Bike Spring Ride Ready

It’s that time of year – is your bike ready to hit the road again? Make sure you run through our checklist of tips to bring your motorcycle out of storage safely, without the motorcycle mechanic.

  1. It’s best to get your bike into an open area so you can work on it efficiently. Either clear out space in your garage or make sure you have plenty of room around you to safely test and repair any issues that may come about.
  2. First things first, check for damage or corrosion on the body, tires (dry rot), lines, and cables.
  3. After assuring that there is no visible damage to the motorcycle brake, oil line, or cables, check and top off all fluids as necessary while double-checking again for any leaks.
  4. If you’ve stored your bike in the past you know the best way to prevent fuel from going bad over the winter is to treat it with STA-BIL® Storage. But, the best way to bring your bike back from winter hibernation is to add STA-BIL® 360° Performance to your fuel tank to keep your bike in top shape all year long.
  5. Motorcycle Mechanic Tips & Tools for Spring RidesAfter checking the brake lines, be sure to take a look at the motorcycle brakes and make sure they’re road-safe. Replace if needed.
  6. Are all the motorcycle lights and bulbs working? Now’s the time to replace any bulbs or fuses.
  7. Vibrations are something all motorcycle enthusiasts are used to – but checking bolts and bearings for the appropriate tightness isn’t always common knowledge. Before you head out on the road, pay close attention to these small details to prevent an accident or injury in the future.
  8. LAST STEP! Give that bike some love with a good wash, wax and finally detail with 303® Automotive Products.

You’re ready to hit the road! Stay safe out there, bikers.

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