What to Pack for Your Own Hot Rod Power Tour Road Trip

Road Trip Theme Week continues here at the CRO Blog. Recapping the week so far, we featured three cool stops along Route 66, looked at some movies that get you ready for a road trip and some top attractions to visit as you are heading to the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour.

This year’s Hot Rod Power Tour is set to begin on June 6th in Madison, Wisconsin. As always, it will include an exciting seven day journey along the tour route through seven major cities, finishing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There are certain must-have items that every major gearhead should pack for the trip.

Capture Memories and Top Attractions with a Camera

The most important thing to bring on the tour is a camera. The thousands of cars on display provide endless photo opportunities. Packing maps of nearby cities will allow a driver to enjoy some side adventures and view other amazing landmarks as well. Cruise nights are a great time to capture pictures of unique vehicles and celebrities that are participating in the tour. During stops at Gateway Motorsports Park and the Memphis International Raceway, a video camera will be perfect to tape some of the drag racing fun.

Feel Relaxed with Comfortable Clothing

Since participants drive for several hours each day, it is essential to pack and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Tight jeans and restricting footwear are not made for long road trips. To maintain warmth during the cool nights, packing a sweatshirt or sweater will be ideal.

Play Great Music

Long car rides are not fun without good music. Organizing a great playlist will keep the tunes flowing. It is recommended to include a mixture of songs that cover a broad range of moods. Everyone enjoys singing to timeless classics that evoke memories and keep the toes tapping.

The Hot Rod Power Tour is the largest road trip in the world. It brings together a tremendous amount of car enthusiasts and offers a wide variety of activities. Packing the above items will make the event even more fun and memorable.


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