Using No Leak ® to Prevent Minor Oil Leaks

Minor engine leaks are quite common. They usually occur from deterioration of engine gaskets and oil seals. Although many products claim to help, the best one on the market is No-Leak by Gold Eagle. This product promises to treat and prevent these issues.

When and How Much to Use

No-Leak works best when it is used at the first sign of a small leak. However, positive benefits may also be achieved by using the brand on a leak that has been a problem for some time.

When using No-Leak, it is recommended to turn the car’s engine off so it can cool down. When ready, the oil cap should be removed, and an entire bottle should be poured inside the oil reservoir without overfilling. A person simply replaces the cap and drives away. Within 200 miles, the leak should no longer be a problem.

No Leak®  Engine Oil Stop Leak

How Does No-Leak Actually Work?

Normal wear from pressure and heat causes rubber seals in the engine to shrink, harden, and become dry. This may cause a small oil leak. No-Leak is a brand that safely softens and swells these seals so a leak stops. Since No-Leak works on a majority of minor leaks, it helps avoid expensive repairs. However, if a problem is severe, it is wise to have it addressed by a qualified professional mechanic.

Reasons to Consider No-Leak

No-Leak prevents and stops common engine oil leaks. It is mostly used to recondition rear main seals and stop smoke. For added convenience, the product is safe and compatible with all engine oils. The No-Leak brand guarantees positive results. If not totally satisfied, customers receive all money back. Since there is no risk, it is definitely worth a try.


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