Three Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Classic Car

Car at auctionPeople buy and sell classic cars all the time. Many hobbyists look for investment pieces that are fun to have in the garage, and collectors want to own pieces of history.

However, it is important to learn how to retain a high value. Without spending a great deal of time and money, here are three easy ways to increase the value of a classic car.

Make Sure All Parts Match

A valuable classic car usually contains original factory parts. A vehicle may be in flawless condition, but many collectors lose interest when all the numbers do not match. For example, a vehicle’s engine, transmission, rear axle, and other key parts should contain original part numbers. When a person is restoring a car, it is essential to try and swap damaged parts with pieces from the same make and model. Although customization may look cool, using original parts will help retain and heighten value.

Small Details Matter

Many people are distracted by a car’s metal body and ignore the small accents. For instance, the rubber around the windows, doors, and trunk may be seriously cracked and faded, which can ruin the car’s entire appearance. When these pieces are in decent condition, a person may only have to touch them up with a specialty product that restores the shine. However, seriously damaged rubber should be replaced. When a classic car is waxed and sparkling, the slightest imperfections stand out like sore thumbs.

Pay Attention to the Tires

The easiest way to increase the value of a classic car is to replace bad tires. New tires increase safety and aesthetics. On a collectible car, it is best to buy tires that are as close to original as possible. If the rims are dented or damaged, they should be repaired as well. Many times, finding original wheels or using “new old stock” wheels will have a big impact on the car’s value.

Everyone has individual likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to cars. The personalized touches that one person prefers may not be appealing to someone else. This means customization can devastate the value of a classic vehicle. The above tips are easy ways to preserve a car’s worth and make it attractive to other auto enthusiasts.

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