Three Best Pimped out Golf Carts

Basic golf carts tend to be boring and dull, so to make a round of golf more fun and exciting, some people decide to get creative and design a cart that will get noticed on the greens. Here are three of the best pimped-out golf carts.

Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart

mercedes-benz-vision-golf-cart-c960Mercedes is known for its high-end brand on the road, but the company is beginning to take over the golf course as well. The German manufacturer has designed a concept cart with a price tag of $58,000. It is powered by a battery that constantly gets charged by solar panels on the roof. Technology-rich inside, there is no steering wheel; instead, a driver controls the car with a joystick.

Hummer Golf Cart

H3_Hummer_Golf_CartsThe traditional Hummer takes up a tremendous amount of space on the road. To make a statement on the golf course, a Hummer H3 modeled cart will definitely get noticed. For only $11,500, a person can gain legendary status while playing a round in a smaller version.

The Flintstones Mobile Golf Cart

flinstones-golf-cartEveryone remembers the beloved, prehistoric cartoon characters. This golf cart has been transformed to resemble the car Fred drove around Bedrock. The driver won’t need to drag their feet on the ground for power, but every other part looks uncannily the same. The cart features a cloth-lined roof that has been painted to appear like tiger skin along with a faux zebra interior and a rock-painted exterior. This cart offers a whimsical way to get through a round of golf and will crack a smile from anyone who catches a glimpse.

Some golfers use great imagination to create custom vehicles for their day out on the links. The above three examples are some of the best pimped-out models. When living in a community that allows these vehicles on the road as well, these golf carts will make the day a bit more interesting.

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