Staying Away From The Gimmicks

By Gary Glinski

“If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

How many times have we heard about “the next big thing” or watched a commercial for a product that “makes everything easier” ? You can probably think of at least 10 products that showed up on an infomercial that immediately stand out in your head as “too good to be true”.

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The same holds true for detailing and car wash products. Since starting my detailing business, I have seen dozens of commercials for miracle products that will “make those scratches disappear” or “repel water with miracle action”. My favorite of these (to avoid) was a blade that promised to make drying your car fast and easy. I’m sure it did. I am also quite sure that it dragged any dirt or particles that were in the water or attached to the blade across the surface of your paint.

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The next “big thing” is not always a great solution for your needs. When caring for your car’s appearance, stick with the basics. Have a good quality car wash solution, a soft wash mitt or dedicated car wash sponge (not a household sponge as they can be abrasive), multiple buckets for wash solution and for rinsing your mitt, a microfiber towel or chamois for drying and a quality spray, paste or liquid wax.

If you want to go the extra mile, a high quality clay bar matched with 303 Speed Detailer as a lubricant can be used after washing but prior to applying wax or other coatings. The clay will remove stubborn particles from your paint and will allow better adhesion for your waxes and coatings.

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