STA-BIL Small Engine Pro: What You Need to Know

Imagine this scenario. You finally have a weekend free where you can tend to your lawn and do some much-needed landscaping. You have set aside the three main essentials you need to complete the job – lawnmower, edger, and trimmer. After you’ve cut the grass and edged the lawn to make sure it looks perfect, the last thing on your list is to trim the hedges that have grown way out of control. The only problem is you’ve noticed that the gas-powered engine in your trimmer has grown incredibly loud. You hesitate to keep the engine running because it’s making sounds you’ve never heard before. You know that something is wrong. All you need to get it back in working order is STA-BIL Small Engine Pro. This blog will tell you why.

STA-BIL Small Engine Pro Explained

STA-BIL Small Engine Pro can be used to treat the fuel of your small engine equipment. The formula contains properties that clean out the entire fuel system, so gum, varnish, and dirt are cleared away from the carburetor, allowing the engine to function properly. In addition to this cleansing component, the product also lubricates the pistons in the engine to move together harmoniously while reducing wear caused by the constant grinding of these metal components. Another benefit of the additive is that it protects your equipment from rust and corrosion caused by ethanol-blended fuels, so your fuel reserve remains intact. Finally, regular treatment will leave the small engine humming like a dream, getting rid of the loud noises that come over time with repeated uses.

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How to Use STA-BIL Small Engine Pro

Make sure that there is either gas or oil in the tank or reserve you are attempting to treat. STA-BIL Small Engine Pro is compatible with treating both. One ounce of the additive will treat one gallon of fuel. Alternatively, one ounce also treats up to 20 ounces of four-cycle motor oil. If you tend to overpour a little bit, that’s okay because it will not harm or damage your equipment. Once added, allow the engine of your lawnmower, snowblower, leaf blower, chainsaw, etc., to run for a few minutes uninterrupted. That’s all there is to it. You can now enjoy using your equipment with a clean, quiet engine with noticeably improved performance.

Versatility of STA-BIL Small Engine Pro

To this point, we already covered the fact that the product is compatible with all two-cycle and four-cycle engines. So if you have a piece of machinery in your tool shed that requires gas or oil to function, this is the only additive that you will ever need. Keep a bottle handy to keep your go-to equipment like your lawnmower and snowblower in good shape. Other equipment like your edger, trimmer, and even your chainsaw will experience greater power while improving their respective lifespans. Simply put, you will be hard-pressed to find an additive for your outdoor power equipment as dynamic as STA-BIL Small Engine Pro.

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STA-BIL Small Engine Pro FAQ

Before you spend a lot of money trying to fix your small engines again, use this product to forego putting a dent in your wallet. Even if you are still a little hazy on the details, you aren’t the only one. Check out a couple of the most commonly asked questions first-time users have about the small engine additive below. Then you can make your way to the product page by following the “Learn More” button at the conclusion of the article.

Q: Can you use STA-BIL Small Engine Pro to replace the gas and oil in your small engine equipment?
A: No. The product is an additive that treats fuel or oil in two-cycle and four-cycle engines. Therefore, your small engine equipment must contain gas or oil for it to function correctly.

Q: Will this product prevent rust from forming in or on your small engine equipment?
A: Yes. The well-designed formula contains corrosion inhibitors to displace moisture present in many ethanol-blended fuels.

Q: How do you know when to use the product?
A: If your small engine equipment is experiencing rough (or no ) starts, it is time to use STA-BIL Small Engine Pro. One treatment will restore lost performance by cleaning, lubricating, and protecting your equipment.


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