Remote Start Car Safety: Commonly Asked Questions

A remote car starter is exactly what its name implies: a device (also known as remote ignition system), that you can use from a distance to start up your vehicle.

The way a remote start works is by sending a radio signal to a receiver inside your car. It is often used to turn on a car a few minutes ahead of driving. With the winter holidays coming up, many car owners will use remote car starters to get the engine going and test it before hitting the road.

These are questions we often get asked, so they are normal concerns of many car owners who want to own remote starters.

If you have purchased a remote start, or are considering it, here are some things to be aware of. These are questions we often get asked, so they are normal concerns of many car owners who want to own remote starters.

1. Can remote starters cause car problems?

The only reason a remote starter would cause a problem to your car is if there is a manufacturing defect. To avoid this problem, always check your manual to figure out your car starter range. If you go beyond this range, it’s likely that the remote will not function.

At times, the transmitter’s actual operative range will vary depending on the vehicle’s location. Other factors that will cause it to appear as if it’s not working are interference from weather or physical obstructions.

2. Is it illegal to leave my car running?

It’s not illegal to leave your car running for more than a few minutes. However, it is wasteful–polluting gas and causing more toxic air. What’s more, if there are passengers in your car while it is idle and you’ve left the engine running with the aircon on, carbon monoxide poisoning is a risk.

To stay on the safe side, never leave your car sitting idle and on. If you have a remote starter, use the predetermined time to figure out the safest maximum minutes you can have your car running.

3. Does having a remote car starter make my car easier to steal?

Although this is a common worry, it’s not something you should be concerned with too much. This is because a thief would need to break into your car in order to steal it. If it is only running a few minutes, the thief won’t have enough time to make their move without attracting unnecessary attention.

Plus, once broken in, the thief would still need the keys to drive away. That key would have to be in the ignition, switched to the “On” position. Your car may also be a modern model with an anti-theft protection feature. This makes it even harder for break-ins to occur.

More Safety Tips on Remote Care Starters

When you use a remote starter for your car, it should only allow the car to run without a key for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that predetermined time, the car will shut down if no key is inserted. So, as you can see, using a remote car starter is, safe, convenient, and an ideal way to warm up your car during winter. It can help you to save time, hassle, and effort.

Just remember: never leave your car running in the garage, and always check your manufacturer’s papers to detect any faults in the model.

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  • These facts are incorrect. I’ve had 7 cars with key FOBs. They will start the car from apx 15-20ft. However, the key or FOB is not required to be inserted to make it run or put into gear. The FOB must be present inside the car and the computer recognizes it and allows the transmission to operate freely. If the FOBs battery dies you must remove the button that you push to start the car. Then the fob has contacts that plug into the space where the button was. And you actually turn it like a key to start it. The sorry part is these FOBs break often for various reasons and cost between $400 to 500 to replace. So as cool as they are I’d rather have a $2 dollar key. My son has lost one for his camero. My wife’s Lexus it stopped working and it cost me almost $500 to replace. My 2018 vette is still working fine but I only have 15,000 miles on it. They’re also cumbersome in my pocket. Give me a normal key anytime.