Keep Your Car Protected on the Road

While on the road, keep your car surfaces looking new with 303 Products. There are many surface protectants for cars on the market, but how do you know which is the best? When shopping for a protectant, you’ll want a product that won’t damage your car’s surfaces, helps prevent fading, restores color and won’t leave an oily residue behind. You’ll also want something that is quick and easily portable, so you can spruce your car up on the go.

To keep your car surfaces clean and looking great, use 303® Aerospace Protectant™ wipes. They offer UV protection and also repel grime, dirt, water spots, dirt, salt mildew and soiling without skimping on performance. Not only do they rejuvenate vinyl, finished leather, fiberglass, and plastic, they also leave a nice finish to these surfaces without any film buildup.
Designed to beautify without harming the environment, 303® Aerospace Protectant™ wipes perform multiple tasks in one container. Unlike many competitors, 303® Aerospace Protectant™ wipes do not contain mineral oil, harmful silicone oils or alcohol. And best of all, they continue to protect your car’s interior over a long period of time. Now instead of carrying a caddy full of cleaning supplies, you can make quick touch-ups between car washes!

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