Infographic: 411 On Ethanol Fuel And Ethanol Treatment

More than 96% of all gas in the U.S. contains ethanol.

Yet many are still unaware of the damage it can cause to your fuel system, or what to do about it.

To help, we’ve created a handy infographic. Here, you’ll find a brief history of ethanol-blended fuels as well as answers to common questions, including:

  • What is ethanol-blended gasoline?
  • Why the mix?
  • What are the advantages of ethanol fuel blends?
  • What are common ethanol problems, and how can they be prevented?
  • Which ethanol treatments are best?

Fun Facts to Tweet:

Gasoline and ethanol have been blended since the 1970s.

Ethanol-blended fuels attract engine-damaging water.

Using an ethanol fuel treatment at every fill up prevents corrosion from ethanol-blended gasoline.

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  • Not to contradict you or demean your product, but I used Stabil for several years, in my small engine motors, i.e. power washer, generators, riding mower, and motorcycles, and found each spring, that I had a hard time for the first starting of the season. Was informed by the mower repair tech and the motorcycle mechanic that stabil acted adversely with aluminum, mainly in the carbuerators. Switched to Lucas fuel injector cleaner and upper cylinder lubricant and have not had that problem since. Unless the formula has been changed, so as to not act negatively with aluminum, I don’t reccommend stabil. I welcome any feedback.

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