How to Wax Your Classic Car

shinyTaking care of a classic car does not have to be difficult. However, the most important thing to remember is to keep the paint shiny and in good condition. To achieve this goal, it’s essential to learn the best way to wax a classic car. Here are some tips.

Begin With a Thorough Wash of Your Classic Car

The first step of the waxing process is a good wash. Attention must be paid to keep the paint undisturbed and free from scratches. The best way to wash a classic car is by hand. Taking it to a car wash may cause damage from the rough-bristled brushes and harsh chemicals. A person must wash a classic car with a sponge and gentle detergent.

Dry Cycle

It’s essential to dry a car completely after it has been washed. This will prevent water spots caused by mineral deposits. It is recommended to use a pure cotton cloth or sheepskin chamois for drying. Other materials can scratch the paint. A person should use cloths in a circular motion as well.


To make sure all the contaminants are removed from the car’s surface, many people use detailing clay. This product will gently remove residue without scratching the paint. Normally, a lubricating spray is applied before the clay is glided along the car.

Waxing Your Classic Car

After the above two steps are completed, it’s time to wax the classic car. There are numerous waxes on the market. You want one that will produce a rich and deep shine. Instead of a circular motion, wax should be applied in straight line passes. This will prevent swirls or scratches. Also, it’s simple to overlap and evenly cover the entire car.

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