How to Extend the Shelf Life of 303 Aerospace Protectant

303 Aerospace ProtectantAutomobile enthusiasts and professional vehicle detailers alike appreciate 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ for its versatility and exceptional performance. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone to order 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ by the gallon once they discover how well it works, and in how many ways it can be used.

Buying 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ in large quantities does sometimes raise a question though. What can be done to extend the shelf life of 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ and to make it last longer?

How to extend the life of 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™
It is essential that you keep your 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ from freezing in order to extend the useful life of the product. This product needs to be stored and used only at temperatures above freezing.

303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ is a water-based product. It does not contain any petroleum distillates, alcohol, or mineral oil. Because of this, 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ works best when it is stored and used at room temperature.

Storing your 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ in a location with a stable temperature will provide you with many years of reliable service from the world’s most effective UV screening product. You can safely order as much 303 ® Aerospace Protectant ™ as you need to keep your car, boat, or RV looking like new every day of the year.

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  • Can I apply it in 50 degree weather?

    • Yes. However, 303 Aerospace protectant is not recommended if the temperature falls below freezing (40°F or below). Thanks for the question!