Hidden Benefits of a Clean Car

You know how a clean home makes you feel. But what about a clean car? Often, too little attention is paid to the health benefits of auto detailing in addition to that trip to the car wash. Plus, keeping your vehicle in pristine shape means you’ll be safe on the road and better able to handle routine maintenance.

Our car cleaning tips are easy to follow and easy to implement.

1. Longer Vehicle Life

By waxing your car, you are keeping the paint job in good shape. The natural deposits of dirt and salt that you gather from driving will corrode the body of your vehicle over time. The benefits of cleanliness extend to the engine, where a regular wipe down can prevent damage from buildup of debris.

2. Better Mental Health

You spend a lot of hours inside your car. If that environment is clean, you can feel more focused and organized. Most people are happier if they keep neat living areas in their houses; the same is true for that vehicle where you may meditate or contemplate your days to and from work.

3. Safer Driving

Visibility is a key to accident prevention. What detracts from your visibility? Dirty windows and rear-view mirrors. If you keep them clean, you can better evaluate what’s going on around you. Plus, clean headlights lead to maximum illumination, a must for driving at night or in inclement weather.

4. Better Physical Health

Think of the dirt that’s probably built up inside your car. Even if you are a tidy person, there’s probably bacteria on the hard surfaces. That’s not to mention dust and residue on the seats and flooring. It can lead to poor air quality, aggravating people with allergies or breathing problems.

Having a clean car can increase the longevity of your vehicle.

5. Improved Fuel Economy

A layer of dirt actually makes your engine work harder. That’s because it increases drag on the vehicle. Your fuel economy goes down, therefore, if you don’t regularly wash the exterior of your vehicle. Reduced fuel economy means that a dirty car is money out of your pocket.

6. Personal Pride

Your car may or may not be a status symbol, but it is an accessory with which you are regularly associated. You want your car to reflect the same pride you feel with your personal appearance. After all, you probably spent quite a bit of time thinking about the make, model and color of the vehicle before you bought it — why not keep it looking its best?

7. Sparking Joy

You probably know this phrase as connected with organizer Marie Kondo. You can certainly use the KonMari method to declutter your car, but instead of joy, look at it as utility. Ask yourself, of all the things you keep in your vehicle, “is this necessary?” Removing some of the extra weight will not only improve your sense of wellbeing, but reduce the number of pounds your car’s engine has to work to drag around.

It’s In Your Hands

So, if all of these benefits sound good to you, it’s time to get started. Of course you can pay for professional detailing and run your vehicle through a car wash. But you can also get the satisfaction of doing the job at home. Read our piece on how to wash and polish your car for tips on how to do it right. Before you know it, you’ll be clear-headed and sparking joy — or utility — in your beloved set of wheels.

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  • How do I remove sap safely from a car hood. What 303 product should I use? Thank you.

    • Hi, Debbie. We recommend to check out the 303 Spot Cleaner. However, a Professional Detailer may be needed depending on the situation. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi, thanks for sharing these tips with us. One thing I’d like to ask, how do car owner’s remove the sap safely from their cars. What product should you usually use? Thank you.

  • I never knew that washing your car could help to improve your fuel economy by decreasing the drag on your vehicle so it doesn’t have to work as hard. My mom just bought a new, red car on Saturday and wants to make sure she takes care of it well so it lasts. I’ll let her know about this and maybe help her find a mobile car wash app to help.

  • It’s good that you point out that having a clean car is beneficial to your mental health. I’m trying to take good care of my mental health, so I’m considering hiring a professional to detail my car. I’m going to look for a good auto detailing service in my area to hire.