Get Your Daily Driver Ready for Fall

If the days are getting shorter and colder — and you’re seeing pumpkin flavored treats everywhere — it’s probably fall. As you start focusing on getting your house ready for this season, don’t forget to prepare your car, as well. After all, some parts of your vehicle are likely ready for a little extra attention, and the fall is the perfect time to offer it! So before you enjoy that mug of hot apple cider in front of the fire pit — our favorite part of the season for sure! — first get your daily driver ready for fall with these tips.

Don’t let Fall sneak up on you – get your daily driver ready for cooler weather.

Fall Car Care Tips & Tricks

Check the Battery

Extreme temperatures can easily affect your car battery. So whether it was a hot summer or you’re expecting some pretty cold temperatures in the next few months, your battery could use some TLC. Check the connections to ensure they’re not loose or corroded, and then consider how long it’s been since you replaced the battery. If it’s been more than three or four years, it may be time for a new one. You can also check out our tips on How to Tell If Your Battery Has Gone (Or Is Going) Bad so you feel extra prepared to drive this fall.

Make Sure Your Heater Works

Depending on where you live, fall can cause a chill in the air, which means you’ll be using your heater for the first time in months. You don’t want to just assume it will work on a cold day; you want to know for sure! So check that it works before that cold day comes. While you’re at it, make sure your front and rear window defrosters also work so you don’t have to deal with fogged up windows while you drive this fall.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

You might not think about your windshield wipers very often—until its pouring rain and you realize you can barely see while you’re driving! Avoid this dangerous situation by changing your wiper blades every fall. Not only are your old blades likely dried up and useless by now, but also replacing them once a year is just a good habit to get into so you don’t forget. And luckily, replacing them is as easy as going to your local auto parts store, telling them your car’s make and model, and then snapping the new blades into place. It’s one of the easiest ways to perform regular Fall car maintenance.

Fall Car Care doesn’t have to be complicated – check out this list of car maintenance tips.

Fill Up Your Tires

As it gets colder, your tire pressure starts to drop, so you’ll need to fill those tires before fall is in full swing. As you fill them up, make sure they’re not going bald. You need them to have plenty of tread left, especially if it rains or even snows in the fall where you are. You can easily check the tread by putting a penny into the tread groove. Make sure Lincoln’s head is upside down, facing toward you. If you’re able to see his whole head, the tread is low and you need to replace the tires. And of course, if you’re expecting snow and ice any time soon, have some snow tires ready to go once it gets cold enough.

Wax Your Car

Another way to get your daily driver ready for fall is to protect the paint with wax. This is especially important if you live in an area where it snows, since road salt can easily damage your paint job. Plus, fall is a great time to wax your car simply because the temperatures usually aren’t extreme during this time of year, which is good because waxing when it’s too cold or hot outside is not recommended. You can try our 303 Automotive Spray Wax to get your car protected for the fall and winter.

Once you’re done getting your daily driver ready for fall, you can drive with confidence for a couple months…until it’s time to prepare your car for winter! When that time comes, feel free to use our guide to Prepping Your Car for Winter with 303 Products.

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  • If the antifreeze is due for a change, do it now, including a system flush if needed. Even if you don’t change the antifreeze, make sure it’s good for the temperatures you will experience this winter.

  • Check or replace antifreeze as needed.

  • Fluctuation in the environmental temperature has negative impacts on the longevity of the battery. Driving a car with an abnormal battery could have disastrous consequences as it could disrupt the power supply which eventually brings the vehicle to a halt. So, the condition of the battery needs to be inspected and any signs which show that the battery has some deformities should not be ignored. The reasons for the appearance of such signs need to be identified and repaired immediately. Replacement of old battery is really essential to ensure continuous power supply to the vehicle.