Friday Deals for Motorcycle Owners

Black Friday is a hectic time for shoppers. With everyone’s attention being focused on electronics and games, other items tend not to receive the same attention or are nearly forgotten about. This means savvy motorcycle owners can get what they want without having to deal with huge crowds. Items such as rust stopper for your bike can be purchased anytime, but what about great deals on helmets and saddlebags? Here are some ideas for this year.


As with anything, safety is imperative and that includes riding a motorcycle. This helmet was selling for 53% off for Black Friday, taking the price down from $740 to $349.99.

When you are riding a motorcycle, there is nothing between you and your surroundings but air. There are also no airbags in a motorcycle. Luckily, there are airbag vests!


The right clothing is a must when it comes to being a motorcyclist. Clothing protects from the elements, as well as injuries. This jacket was discounted 41% last year. It also has a built-in airbag.

What’s better than boots? Boots that are waterproof, yet breathable, protective, yet malleable. Last year’s Black Friday saw these boots reduced 31%.

Motorcycle gloves not only complete the look, but they offer great protection for the hands. These gloves, which were reduced in price by 20% last year, are waterproof and offer great protection.

For The Bike

This particular item is a great choice for those conscious of air pollution from a motorcycle and wants to do something about it. This air cleaner kit was reduced by 10% last year. While this one is only for a Harley, there are other cleaning kits for other brands.

Other drivers tend not to notice those on a motorcycle, which is why riders try to make themselves noticed in other ways. One of these ways includes a 113-decibel horn. This is as loud as a turbo-fan aircraft takeoff power at 220 feet, a riveting machine, and live rock music.

Motorcycles lack the cargo space of other vehicles. Luckily, there are panniers and saddlebags. For last year’s Black Friday sales, these were reduced by about 10%. The best saddlebags for a motorcycle would be waterproof, easy to mount, and durable.


What is better than the right saddlebags for your motorcycle? A waterproof, abrasion-resistant backpack whose weight you won’t even notice as you are traveling down the road. Not only can you load your saddlebags with what you need, but you also have a backpack that distributes weight to reduce fatigue on longer rides and does not localize that weight on your shoulders.

You have something to cover you, do you have anything to cover your motorcycle when you are not riding it? Last year’s Black Friday saw these all-season covers reduced 10%. What better way to protect our bike than with a lightweight water-resistant cover which also has a ventilation system to minimize condensation and allows for air circulation? It even comes in a compression bag for easy storage, such as in a backpack or a saddlebag.

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