Extreme Summer Heat: 6 Ways to Protect Your Car from Risks

Extreme high temperatures are increasingly common in the summer. This can pose unique risks to vehicles, especially cars that are left out of a garage for long periods of time.

Extreme heat can cause havoc on your car – everything from overheated tires, paint damage, and more.

If summer is the time you take long road trips, that extended time in the sun poses many risks to your cars. As the summer months approach, here are some easy ways to protect your car.

1. Check Your Tires

Hot or overheated tires can be disastrous. Especially during the summer heat season, pay attention that your tires are not improperly inflated, or too old to be of use. Replace your tires regularly, and avoid a dangerous blowout.

2. Know Your Battery

A cold weather season can damage your battery, but so can the summer heat. If you don’t carry a set of jumper cables, start getting in the habit now. Always mount your car battery securely, and get your batteries tested regularly.

3. Change Your Oil Regularly

Keep your engine properly lubricated all year. During warm summers and longer road trips, you may need to change the oil more frequently. Always use the recommended oil viscosity for your vehicle. When in doubt, ask an automobile technician to recommend an optimal oil for your car’s needs.

4. Take Care of Your AC

Your car’s air condition will serve you much better in summer if it’s been properly maintained in the months prior. Using a car shade when parked outdoors without shelter can also prolong your vehicle’s life. Staying cool on extremely hot days will keep it functioning at its best.

5. Use a Coolant

Your engine can die out when improper coolants are used. Even worse, if your radiator is damaged, the coolant may leak, causing the engine temp to rise and overheat. Always keep an eye on that temperature gauge, and pay extra attention to it if it’s a particularly hot, dry summer.

6. Protect Your Car Paint from UV Rays

Besides all of the above ways to keep your car running smoothly all year, one of the best things you can do during summer is protect it from UV rays.

Hot cars are almost always unavoidable during extreme heat, but proper car maintenance has never been more important.

We know that UV rays are damaging to our bodies, but the same can be said for our cars as well. Your car’s surface can suffer from photodegradation due to the summer heat. What essentially happens is that, when exposed to too much harsh sunlight, the chemical bonds are broken by the UV rays. This leads to faded or damaged car paint and color, resulting in an ugly bleached look.

Upkeep for Your Car

How do you combat this? The same way you shield your body’s skin. Keeping it covered, or using some type of protection. To ensure that your car has proper UV protection, wash your car frequently with only the best chemical products.

We recommend the 303® Car Wash, a powerful, ultra-concentrated car wash soap. It not only provides your car with a clean, streak-free finish but prolongs its life by protecting it all throughout a hot summer season.

Remember: taking daily care of your car will give it a longer life span. Wouldn’t you rather spend your summer enjoying the road instead of battling the sun’s effects?

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