Entering Your First Car Show

When a person is ready to enter a classic vehicle into a car show for the first time, it will be helpful to learn a few tips. Since much preparation goes into restoring an older car, it will be worthwhile to show it off in style. Here are a few ways to grab judges’ attention and get to know other people who share a similar passion.

Pay attention To Tires

Tires may seem trivial, but it is essential that they look good when entering a car show. Tires will attract the eye of the judges. When the tires have good tread and are appropriately sized, it will improve overall appearance and scores. Many people who frequent car shows will have a spare set of tires just for these types of outings.

Clean The Engine

Most people spend a great deal of time vacuuming the inside of a car in preparation for a show. It is also important to pay attention to the engine. When an engine is filled with dirt and grime, it will definitely lower the chances of winning a prize. A quality degreaser and metal polish will be a simple way to keep everything sparkling under the hood.

Clean The Inside And Outside

When a car is being registered in a show, it must look perfect. A judge will examine all aspects of a vehicle when it is on display. This means that both the interior and exterior must be shiny and clean. The car’s body should be cleaned with specialty supplies in order to keep the paint sharp. All rust must be carefully removed as well. The inside of the car must also appear clean. Leather upholstery should be polished and metal accessories should be shined. It is also smart to bring cleaning supplies to the show. This will keep the car looking good all day.

Have It Shipped

There is no need to risk an accident or damage to a car on the the way to the show. Many people will ship a vehicle, especially when the show is out of town. There are numerous services that assure delicate handling of special vehicles.

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