Clean and Protect Your Home From the Inside Out with 303® Products’ New Lineup of 5-Star Products

April 3, 2017 (Chicago, Ill.) – Whether you are super messy or a neat freak, 303® Products has you covered at home, outdoors and on the go. To help preserve, protect and clean your home, car and beyond, Gold Eagle Co., makers of 303® Products’ leading line of protectants and cleaners, is introducing four new, innovative products to its 5-star, award winning lineup.

“As a company, we are driven by innovation and are dedicated to bringing new products to market that meet our consumers’ changing needs and demands,” said Marc Blackman, CEO of Gold Eagle Co. “The newest additions to the 303® family definitely deliver on our promise to produce high-quality products that protect and preserve the things you love.”

The four newest additions to the 303® Products lineup provide consumers with a variety of options to treat their vehicles, home and outdoor spaces with the care they deserve, including:


  • 303® Stain Guard for Auto Fabrics protects fabric seats, carpets and floor mats from stains and repels liquids and more, including hot coffee, soda, food, pet stains and dirt and mud. Unlike other products on the market, it is non-flammable and has no harmful fumes, so it is ok to use in the confined car space.


  • 303® All Purpose Grill Cleaner & Degreaser is a fast working degreaser formula that quickly cleans away tough grease and flaky black carbon buildup that accumulates on the inside of a grill over time. It’s safe for both gas and charcoal grills and also works great to clean and protect the exterior of the grill.


  • 303® Stain Guard for Indoor Fabric provides stain repellency to indoor fabrics, including sofa cushions, pillows, chairs, tablecloths, drapes and more. It helps prevent stains caused by the messiest culprits, including food, wine, soda, juice, kids, pets and everyday dirt and mud. It is recommended by leading fabric manufacturer, Sunbrella®, to restore lost stain resistance on fabrics. Unlike other products on the market, it is non-flammable and has no harmful fumes, so it is safe to use indoors.
  • 303® Multi-Surface Wipes offer a convenient and portable wipe version of its popular 303® Multi-Surface Cleaner spray. The wipes are versatile and can be used on a variety of hard and soft surfaces, including fabrics! Great for quick clean-ups in the house, car, on a boat, on and around patio furniture and on upholstered indoor furniture. It rinses residue free and contains no alcohol.

In addition to the new products, 303® fans will notice the brand has a whole new look. The refreshed packaging features more vibrant colors, lifestyle imagery, as well as descriptive, easy to understand product information.

The new products join the current 5-star line up of 303® Products’ cleaners and protectants and are now currently available for purchase at select retailers nationwide*. Learn more about 303® Products at or join the 303® community at

*Product availability will vary by retailer

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