Black Friday Deals for Car Fanatics

When it comes to automobiles, most people just view them as tools to get from Point A to Point B, as well as being useful for trips. They aren’t the type to invest in more than the basics for their vehicle. Then there are the car fanatics who use products such as mold and mildew blockers, or fuel stabilizers. Here are some Black Friday deals for the car fanatics out there.


Have you ever looked at a car and decided that the front of the car looked like a face and the headlights were eyes? While mustaches were a trend a few years ago and people still buy them, eyelashes for your car are becoming a thing. These CarLashes come in various styles and there are even lighted CarLashes for when you are driving at night. This is a great way to never lose your car again or mistake another one for yours.

Cleaning And Organization

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time in their vehicles going to and from work, especially if they get caught in traffic. They also spend a lot of time in cars taking their children to school, to sports practice, plays, and other activities. When it comes to spending time in cars, especially with children added into the mix, it helps to have a back seat organizer. Last year, this back seat organizer was originally priced at $34.99 but was selling for $19.94 on Black Friday.

It isn’t just the interior of the car that needs attention, the headlights do too. This 3M Headlight restoration kit was dropped to $10.49. The kit contains sanding and polishing pads and there are no power tools needed.


Have you ever had to take your vehicle in to see what was wrong with it and they hooked up a diagnostic tool to it? Well, since they charge you for them using it on your vehicle, why not buy one and save the time and money it would cost to have someone else do it for you? You might still need to have the car worked on, but every little bit helps. Last year this was 10% off for Black Friday.

Have you ever been somewhere and needed a jumpstart, only there was either absolutely anyone nearby, or nobody had a pair of jumper cables? With this compact jump starter, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Not only does it provide 20 jumpstarts per charge, but it also shows battery capacity. This was definitely a hidden Black Friday gem.


Sometimes you just need a new vehicle. While not everyone can wait for the right time to purchase a new car, there were dealerships out there offering fairly decent Black Friday Deals. Last year, Hyundai offered a $1000 Black Friday bonus on 2018 Elantra and Sonata, but these deals varied by trim. From $2500 off the SE of both and as much as $3000 off for the Eco and the Limited versions of both.

The best thing about this particular Black Friday deal was that the bonus required financing at non-promotional rates. This means that customers would have been able to combine the $1000 bonus with the $3000 for a maximum potential savings of $4000. How much more would those particular people had saved if they had a trade-in as well?

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