Dream Cars vs. Real Cars

If you could drive your dream car, what would it be?

Picture yourself with the windows down, music up and hands gripping the steering wheel. There’s nothing but open road in front of you. When you step on the gas, do you hear the growl of a Ford Mustang, or feel the smooth and quick acceleration of a Tesla Model S? We surveyed 2,000 people to find out what type of dream car they imagine themselves driving. Here’s what we found.

When it comes to dream car preferences, men and women vary quite a bit. For instance, a Jeep Wrangler is the least popular among men but the most popular among women. Most men picture themselves behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S.

Not only is Elon Musk’s Tesla the most popular among men, but it’s also the most popular dream car pick for all of the northeast, southwest and West Coast. Both the midwest and southeast would rather be driving a Mustang.

Most of us would have gladly taken any of those dream cars as a first car, but the reality is that first cars aren’t quite as sexy. The top 10 first cars include models like Accord, Civic, Corolla, Escort, Cavalier, Taurus, Camry and Neon. The average price tag of those first cars was $5,600.

Surprisingly, dream car winners Mustang and Camaro also made the top 10 first cars list at number 4 and number 10, respectively. (We’re guessing they were the popular kids in high school).


What type of car are people driving right now? Honda Civic is the most popular in the midwest and the southeast, while the Honda Accord reigns supreme in the northeast. On the West Coast, Toyota Corolla owns the road. In the southwest, you’re most likely to see a Ford Explorer.

In terms of how often people are buying a new car, 39 percent said they wait 4-6 years before getting a new set of wheels, but it’s probably a little longer than that if you’re the owner of the car of your dreams!

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  • Cars are a passion to me, they have evolved over the years. I have gone form fast cars in the early 70’s to what I needed for the Family to be safe and to the required space for you kids and wife.
    I have always had a car and a truck so I could use it for work and fun. I started our House at 18 and we built it from the Ground up! 5 1/2 years to build as we lived in the basement, we used to buy everything thing on sale, from lumber to windows and everything needed to build the home. I have now built 5 new homes in the past 44 years and trucks and cars have been a big part of that life. We just bought our 170th vehicle a week ago. We have owned just about everything that has been made in America. We still own a Chevy Truck, Jeep, GMC, Ford motor home. I still have the need for speed, so I have my red convertible Vett!
    I have loved everyone of them and wish I could have kept them all! Cars are a passion, love and a curse to me as I can never say NO!

  • I haven’t bought a new car since 1979. It was an EL Camino S/S The newest car we own now is a 1977 Camaro which is my wifes daily car. My daily drivers are a 1967 C-10 1948 Chevy 2-door a1949 ford rat rod 2-door and a1923 ford t-bucket I built in the early 1970S. New cars do nothing for me!

  • If u had put The Ford F-150 on the list i’m sure it would have come in first. I have owned 6 of them. Have a 2013 now.

    • True–America’s FORD Series are the World’s Best Selling, Most Popular , Toughest, and simply Best Trucks. I have owned 6 consecutive Ford F-Series Trucks. These Fords are the standard for anyone who seriously wants a hard-working, hard playing, reliable, and dependable truck for all seasons and climates. You can’t beat the facts and can’t do better than the World’s Best Seller for over 42 straight years-FORD F-SERIES—-Drive One, you’ll clearly see why! I know from over 55 years of excellent Ford F-Series Experience and happy Ownership.

  • Truck’s seem to abound here in North East Florida.

  • I am from the fifty’s and sixty’s generation when GTOs, Vets, Mustangs, Road Runners and Chevelles were kings. Forget the foreign cars you wouldn’t be caught dead in one. It wasn’t about luxury or comfort speed was king.

    • I’m with you on that. Current commuter, a 2015 Mustang Fastback. In the garage (for weekends), a ’36 Ford 5 window coupe.

  • I have to be realistic on choosing a dream car. I am now 64 and on social security. I need a car I can afford and rely on. With my future getting shorter every day, I picked the Golf Type R, retails around $42k new. I own a 2017 GTI Sport with DSG and it is a nice looking car that’s fun to drive. It gets over 20 mpg city and cost me $24,750 new. The Type R has all the bells and whistles that my GTI Sport doesn’t have. I plan to save up for the dream car instead of investing money into mods for my GTI. It will never be a Type R. For now it’s a dream, 5 years from now it could become a reality.

  • Its a little odd that women scored higher with speed being one of the top reasons for a dream cars desirability…I’m the only hot-rod honey that I know of, and it seems to me that men want a fast car more than most women, who prefer luxury and safety…I need to meet more like minded female muscle car enthusiasts like myself!