How to Achieve Water Beading on Your Car

If you’ve seen high definition photos of water beading in auto magazines, online or at a car show and wondered how you can achieve this highly sought-after finish for yourself, this article is for you. We’ll explain the science behind water beading, the products and techniques you can use and the many benefits that come from washing and sealing your vehicle regularly.

What is Water Beading?

To understand water beading we need to get a little technical and talk about surface tension. Surface tension can be best described as the ability of a liquid to adhere or stick to the water molecules around it. In the case of a car’s bodywork, when there is high surface tension, lots of little beads start to form. When there is low surface tension, bigger beads form.

Water sheeting can be easily prevented through the use of 303 Touchless Sealant.

Beading can best be achieved by washing your car regularly and using the right products. You’ll need a good quality sealant that gives you many weeks of protection and which contains the special ingredients that turn the science of water beading into a breeze.

How to Achieve Water Beading For Yourself

So, if you’re looking to achieve the ultra-cool magazine finish on your own car, here’s how.

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

Keeping your vehicle clean and free from harmful corrosives and other substances is the best protection you can give your bodywork. Use good quality products such as 303 Car Wash to achieve a streak-free shine that won’t strip away wax coatings or sealants. 303’s Automotive Protectant will leave a dry and matte finish that repels dust, staining and lint. Don’t forget your tires and rubber trims. Tire and Rubber Cleaner from 303 not only removes and dissolves grime, but also protects your tires from browning.

Apply a Good Quality Sealant

If you want to achieve superior water beading that lasts two times longer than traditional wax, but which takes minutes to apply, you can’t get better than 303’s Touchless Sealant. It contains SiO2 technology that creates exceptional water beading that lasts and which offers excellent protection for your vehicle.

Water beading isn’t just for aesthetics, but is actually beneficial to your car’s finish.

A common misconception is that when water sheeting starts to show on your bodywork that your bodywork is no longer protected. This is not true. While the beading may stop a few weeks after waxing, the protection can go on protecting your bodywork for many more weeks.

Give your car the best treatment possible with regular car and quality products. The water beading that can be achieved by applying the right products looks awesome, but it’s the protection you’ll be giving your vehicle that counts and which will keep your bodywork looking and performing its best for many years to come.

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