7 Best Fall K-Cups You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now!

Fall is in full swing: Halloween decorations are up, leaves are changing color, temperatures are dropping, and you want your morning beverage to rise to the occasion. [If you haven’t finished decorating – check out our post on getting ready for fall!] We’ve selected 7 of our favorite k-cups for seasonal indulgence. Unless otherwise noted, we’re not recommending any particular brand – just the flavor in general.

#1 Pumpkin Spice

We don’t want to be basic, but any list of iconic fall flavors would be incomplete without this autumnal stalwart.

#2 Fall Blend

Hat tip to Starbucks specifically for this gem. A medium roast with a full body, the Fall Blend uses Sumatra, Kenya, and Peru coffee beans with complimentary flavors of molasses, oatmeal, and citrus.

#3 Salted Caramel

Maybe it’s the proximity of Halloween, but caramel and Fall just seem to go together. As pastry chefs have long known, salt brings out the sweetness in caramel without it being cloying. This is a perfect flavor to sip as your curl up with a good book.

#4 Toasted Marshmallow

This isn’t the most common flavor, but if your past includes campfires and ghost stories before the weather turns harsh it will remind you of autumns past. Green Mountain Coffee’s Mocha version is a perfect balance and almost makes us want to dust off the old tent.

#5 Cinnamon Roll

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, cinnamon roll coffee can be a perfect way to satisfy the craving without actually binging on pastries. The best versions of this flavor stir up memories of rolls coming fresh out of the oven – a perfect way to start the day before raking leaves!

#6 Apple Cider

Maybe you want to take a caffeine break, maybe your kids want something seasonal to drink, maybe you’ve got some cinnamon whiskey that needs a home – we’re not here to judge. Either way, a hot apple cider is perfect for sipping on the porch when the weather is chilly but not yet oppressively cold.

#7 Hazelnut

This isn’t a ‘Fall’ flavor per se, as some people roll with Hazelnut year-round. If you’re not one of those people, consider switching it up and adding this flavor to your rotation for the coming months.

What’s your favorite fall K-Cup Flavor?

Pumpkin Spice
Fall Blend
Salted Caramel
Toasted Marshmallow
Cinnamon Roll
Apple Cider

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What’s your favorite fall K-Cup flavor? Tell us in the comments! And if you’re waiting to break out the K-Cup until your machine is cleaner, head here for our full breakdown on cleaning a Keurig.

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  • I love Cafe Escapes Salted Carmel.