303 Foam Cannon: What You Need to Know

foam cannon accessory next to a car wash bucket

Cleaning the car is a must for anyone who owns a vehicle and depending upon your preference, you might love it or loathe it. The good news is that products like 303 Foam Cannon exist, and we’re willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that you can’t use this detailing accessory without cracking a big smile across your face. So, what is 303 Foam Cannon? How does it work? Why should anyone with a car care about it? Keep scrolling for everything you’d ever want to know about the versatile cannon that makes cleaning the car feel fun.

303 Foam Cannon Explained

The 303 Foam Cannon is an easy-to-use accessory that attaches directly to the wand of your pressure washer. By putting the power in your hands, you can set the desired foam level and spray contact angle for ultimate control over how you deliver the suds to the surface. All our product research was more than enough to tell us that DIY detailers like you want a device with a high capacity 2.0L reservoir capable of delivering a lot of foam. For this reason, we made sure the 303 Foam Canon delivers on both while offering full adjustability.

person using foam cannon and pressure washer on a vehicle

How to Use 303 Foam Cannon

We made this tool with simplicity in mind so for the most effective experience, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Remove the reservoir base from the foam cannon.
  2. Add 1oz (or more if desired) of concentrated car wash soap and water to the reservoir. Re-attach the reservoir base to the foam cannon and shake the contents together.
  3. Connect the pressure washer to the foam cannon by using the 1/4″ stainless steel fitting.

Once the Foam Cannon is connected to the pressure washer, you have full control over the spray contact angle pattern. Use the blue fixture on the nozzle to adjust the wide vs narrow spray angle. Adjust the black fixture on the nozzle to change the horizontal vs vertical spray angle. Finally, the air intake nozzle on top of the accessory controls the foam-to-water ratio, so this will give you ownership over the desired foam level.

What Is The Main Benefit Of Using A Foam Cannon?

Foam cannons are the reason behind all those sharp detailing photos you see when a car is completely covered in a thick layer of white foam. So, if you ever wanted to do the same for your ride, this is the accessory you need to make it happen. Additionally, the 303 Foam Cannons adds a layer of fun to your car washing routine that is simply unmatched. You have complete control over the nozzle to adjust everything from foam density to the horizontal and vertical spray angles you use. When you couple the capabilities offered by the accessory with the fact that it’s so satisfying to use, you can’t help but grin whenever you use it.

foam cannon and car wash soap

303 Foam Cannon FAQ

To this point, we covered a lot of information related to 303 Foam Cannon but you may still have a few outlining questions. For example, it might be unclear as to what you can achieve by adding this accessory to your car washing routine. Check out the following three questions most customers are curious to know about the product so you can make a final decision on whether or not the foam cannon is right for you.

Q: What is the point of covering your car in foam for a routine wash?
Foamed soap creates a layer of lubricity between dirt, grit, and grime lingering on a car’s exterior surface. 303 Foam Cannon helps to safely remove these contaminants without harming a vehicle’s finish. Best of all, it adds an element of fun to your car wash routine that might have been missing before.

Q: Will this work with a garden hose?
No. 303 Foam Cannon is only compatible with pressure washers. It will not work with a garden hose.

Q: Does the foam cannon work with any type of car washing solution?
Yes. But we recommend pairing with 303 Ultra-Concentrated Car Wash as you only have to use 1oz of soap per wash to achieve a streak-free shine.


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