3 Tips to Remove Scratched Car Paint

It can be a real bummer when car paint becomes scratched. This can ruin the appearance of a vehicle and lead to rust or other damage. There are different kinds of scratches, so there are different ways to remove the problem. Here is a look at three tips to remove scratched car paint.

Wax Away the Problem

the-karate-kid-wax-on-wax-offWhen the marks feel smooth to the touch, the scratches may not have penetrated deep within the layers of the car’s paint. This means it may be possible to buff away the scuffs with regular car wax. A person should apply a polishing compound in a circular motion until the scratches have disappeared. When finished, it is advised to wash the car and apply a wax to the area. A soft towel can get rid of the wax, and the car should appear shiny and scratch free.

Touch Up the Paint

paint touch upWhen small scratches have penetrated the top coat, it may be wise to use a touch-up paint pen to get rid of the problem. A person should clean off the affected areas with soap, wax and grease remover. Then, several coats of the paint can be applied, allowing time to dry between coats. The final step is to apply a clear coat over the freshly painted areas. To bring out a shiny finish, a person may wish to use a polish as well.

Sand Away Scratches

sandpaperFor deep scratches in car paint, it is necessary to sand away the marks before applying the new paint. The best tool to use for a large job is a rotary buffer that includes a wool pad. For smaller scuffs, it is best to sand by hand. It is wise to test the spot before sanding any area. It is essential to sand only the amount of paint necessary to improve the scratches. A person should always sand across the marks, not up and down. After the sanding is finished, a polishing compound can be applied to leave a shine. A wax or sealant may be applied as well.

The above tips should help a person remove scratches from a car’s paint. The amount of time and work will depend on the size and depth of the scratches. In the end, it is possible to avoid spending hundreds of dollars at a professional auto body shop and get rid of scratches at home.

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  • Hi, thanks for the great tips and info! You mentioned, that a person should apply a polishing compound in a circular motion until the scratches have disappeared. However, what kind of pressure he has to put on? Or they can just normally polish the car in their normal force? Thanks!