3 Steps to Keep Leather Interior from Drying Out & Cracking

A car’s leather interior is a luxury that must be preserved with special care. It is common for leather to discolor, dry and crack. Here are three steps that will prevent the problems from occurring.

Use a Sunshade

SunshadeSunlight easily penetrates through a car’s windows, which leads to UV damage. To prevent fading, it is wise to place a sunshade in the windshield and tint the other windows. Also, on warm days, it is smart to keep windows slightly open to keep air moving. As the temperatures rise, a leather interior tends to dry and crack. Letting cooler air circulate prolongs the life of the leather.

Choose an Appropriate Leather Cleaner

A leather cleaner removes surface dust and debris. It is essential to choose a gentle cleaner. Pre-testing a section of the leather will prevent large-scale damage. After the cleaner has been tested, it should be applied to the entire interior by working it into the seat with a soft sponge. After it is set for a few minutes, it can be removed with a dry cloth. After applying a cleaner, it is important to use a pH neutralizer that removes residual chemicals. It will help the leather become more receptive to a conditioning product.

Protect Your Leather Interior with 303® Automotive Protectant

303 Automotive ProtectantThe final step in preserving your leather interior is with 303 Automotive Protectant. It will protect your leather interior without leaving an oily residue. This will replenish natural oils and apply a UV block. The leather will become soft, sealed and protected.

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The above steps should be practiced frequently to keep leather looking as fresh as possible. Besides caring for the leather, it is important to avoid sharp objects. Once leather becomes scratched by keys or other items, it cracks quickly and is very difficult to repair. When leather stays conditioned, a car’s value decreases less over time, and the entire driving experience is heightened.

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