10 Weird Ways to Get Caffeinated on Amazon

Tired? Aren’t we all. In continuing with our ode to caffeine, here are 10 strange ways you can get caffeinated if you don’t like coffee:


What an obvious choice! After coffee, you want to freshen your breath, but the waning energy and dull headache are begging you to get a refill. Instead – just pop a caffeinated mint!


This falls into the same ‘breath-saving’ category with the added bonus of being more annoying.


Hot Chocolate 

There’s already trace amounts of caffeine in cocoa, so why not go whole-hog? It’s just what every little kid needs to give them the extra spark that seems so lacking in children these days.



Don’t want your hair to look as tired as your face? This product has you covered; just try not to get caught in a lather, rinse, and repeat death spiral.


Shaving Cream

I can’t think of a worse time to have the caffeine jitters than when you’re clutching a razor, but I’m sure they thought of that before coming out with this stuff.



Just wash away your drowsiness and get back to work you drone!



At least the people using this product are being honest: they don’t need a mask like coffee or tea – just give them the drugs!


Hot Sauce

This tasty condiment provides a little pick-me-up for your food and your body, what a time to be alive.


Lip Balm

A favorite of auctioneers and telemarketers (probably), this product is sure to keep those lips moving – regardless of how Meghan Trainor feels.


Beef Jerky

If you’ve ever wanted to ensure that you’re wide awake while gnawing on dehydrated animal flesh, it’s time to dream even bigger, because that day has come.


Have you tried any of these? Or would you? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I drink hot chocolate in the winter time to give me a boost of energy and warm me up.