STA-BIL Gun CLP: What You Need to Know

Regardless if you are new to the world of firearms or happen to be a firing range regular, there is one rule both parties abide by- safety reigns supreme for the responsible gun owner. Lying at the foundation of this general standard is simple maintenance and cleaning your firearm. Doing so helps maintain gun performance and reduces the risk for an accidental (or negligent) discharge. The STA-BIL SPORT line is keenly aware of this fact. For this reason, we created a cleaner, lubricator, and protectant that is compatible with nearly all firearms. Read on to learn about how STA-BIL Gun CLP works and why gun owners with varying degrees of expertise are all choosing to endorse it.

STA-BIL Gun CLP Explained

STA-BIL Gun CLP is an all-in-one cleaner, lubricator, and protectant for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more. The additive is a firearm’s best friend as it clears away gun powder, oils the chamber to stop jamming, and prevents corrosion in the metal. Think of it as the one product you will need to satisfy the three most important aspects of gun maintenance. We see gun ownership as an investment when we created STA-BIL Gun CLP. That’s why the additive is specifically designed to preserve those investments on the most basic level.

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How to Use STA-BIL Gun CLP

Prior to use, make sure that your firearm is unloaded and follow this best practice every time you clean your gun. Dispense a small drop of STA-BIL Gun CLP onto the gun manufacturer-recommended locations of your firearm. You can then rub the liquid back and forth using your finger or a rag to clean, lubricate, and protect the gun. Once complete, use a clean, dry rag to wipe away any excess product from the weapon. That’s all it takes to give your firearm the trio of treatments that will extend its usable life.

STA-BIL Gun CLP & First-Time Firearm Owners

There is a lot of research that goes into the process of purchasing a gun. Like buying a car, you must consider your vehicle’s intended uses to identify models that match your needs. The same logic goes into your decision-making process for a gun. If you plan to go hunting, you will likely get a rifle. If you plan to go to the shooting range, you might want to narrow your search down to handguns. Regardless of which side you fall on, you know that you will have to keep up with routine maintenance. And that’s where STA-BIL CLP comes in. Using the product is a straightforward solution to preserving your firearms.

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We’ve gone over the most important aspects of STA-BIL Gun CLP, but you might be curious to know more. Check out a couple of the most commonly asked questions customers have about the product.

Q: Will using too much of the product harm my gun?
A: No. It is only recommended to use a small drop. However, you can always wipe away excess product from your gun if you get a little carried away when using it.

Q: Is STA-BIL Gun CLP easy to use?
A: Yes, it’s extremely user-friendly. Simplicity is the name of the game, so all you have to do is dispense the product and rub it in.

Q: How long will a bottle last?
A: A little bit goes a long way, so one bottle will last you a long time, even if you clean your weapon on a weekly basis.

For more information, be sure to visit the STA-BIL Gun CLP product page by hitting the button below.


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  • Is the Stabile Firearm CLP safe for all firearm surfaces?

    • Yes. However. it is recommended to apply STA-BIL Gun CLP onto manufacturer-recommended locations of the gun for superior lubrication.